Minecraft Additional Enchanted Miner Mod 1.16.1/1.15.2


(Superior Machines) And Mods Minecraft Further Enchanted Miner Mod 1.16.1/1.15.2 (Superior Machines)  provides superior machines, miner like BC’s (BuildCraft) quarry and superior miner which might have enchantment for Minecraft. It permits routinely gathering sources with Fortune or Silk contact. You don’t have to fret about water and lava in chunks. It has a machine to take away all liquid. Machines can settle for RF, EU, MJ and Forge Vitality.


  • QuarryPlus: It digs to y = 1 within the space of max 256 x 256 (blocks). Enchantments enable to enhance gasoline effectivity and enchanted mining.
  • PumpPlus: It provides QuarryPlus a perform to pump liquid. You can also make the Nether dry.
  • WorkbenchPlus: You want this to make gadgets by this mod.
  • LaserPlus: Use this as an alternative of 32 BC’s Laser. It enhance efficiency of your PC and simplify wiring.
  • ChunkDestroyer: It takes lower than 1 hour to flatten the realm of 16 x 16 (chunks).
  • Superior Pump: A pump sooner than BC’s one.
  • Spawner Controller: Change the content material of neighbor spawner.


QuarryPlus with Pumpplus

QuarryPlus Drill

Chuck Destroyer

How one can use:


Use marker to dicide dig vary.

Place Quarry subsequent to the marker. When you’ve got PumpPlus, place it subsequent to the quarry.

Insert sufficient vitality to quarry, to not pump.

Hook up with merchandise container. You get Three markers when you use them to resolve quarry’s vary.

Quarry will get vitality and begins to construct body.

Get resouces.


This machine might be enchanted with

  • Effectivity to extend vitality capability
  • Unbreaking to cut back required energy
  • Fortune to dig blocks with Fortune
  • Silktouch to dig blocks with Silktouch

In defalut, silktouch requires twice as a lot vitality as no enchanted work. Fortune requires 1.3 ^ (fortune degree) occasions as a lot vitality as no enchanted work.


  • Proper click on with StatusChacker to get enchantment data.
  • For those who place with out diciding vary with marker, 11×11 space might be chosen.
  • Earlier than STEP 5, you’ll be able to proper click on with out merchandise to vary quarry mode to Body mode and Quarry mode. Quarry mode is similar as BC’s quarry, digging to y = 1. Body mode means quarry breaks blocks contained in the body. It doesn’t imply quarry place gadgets. Quarry can solely take away blocks.
  • Mined gadgets are inserted into inside buffer. This stuff are automaticaly tranfered to adjoining stock and never dropped when quarry bloken.


Place a marker and enter redstone sign to point out marker laser.

Place markers on Three nook.

Proper click on any marker to resolve vary.


PumpPlus works solely when is is positioned subsequent to QuarryPlus or MiningWellPlus. This machine can take away liquid in vary of miner’s work.

Place pump subsequent to quarry.

Join fluid pipe to extract fluid.

If you wish to select fluid to extract, proper click on pump with LiquidSelector.

Gui opens.

Click on “Add” entry on the appropriate to decide on fluid. Add(FromList) is less complicated. You possibly can simply choose fluid and click on Completed.

Fluid is added to the listing.

The fluid is extracted from the path you proper clicked on with LiquidSelector.


  • Proper click on with StatusChacker to get data about enchantment and fluid pump comprises.


Proper click on to open gui.

Put diamond device (not solely pickaxe) or bow on the left slot. Enchantable machine on the appropriate.

Click on “Down” and “UP” to decide on enchantment to maneuver.

Click on the enchant identify.


  • Gadgets within the slots will drop when you shut the gui.
  • It’s best to use 5 pickaxes with Effectivity I as an alternative of a pickaxe with Effectivity V to have machine enchanted with Effectivity V.


Place Spanwer Controller subsequent to Monster Spawner.

Proper click on Spanwer Controller to open gui.

Choose no matter entity to spawn. (This can make Minecraft very simple.)

Click on accomplished.

The entities spawn if they’ll. (6 or extra similar entities or too crowd to spawn bothers the spawning.)


  • There are lots of entities that may’t spawn from spawner.
  • Don’t spawn boss entities like ender dragon.
  • When this machine is RS-powered, it make neighbor spawner work.


Proper click on to open gui.

Transfer gadgets out of your stock. It will probably settle for over 64 for 1 stack.

Click on the merchandise you need to create.

Anticipate some minute and merchandise might be interted or droped.


  • Click on twice merchandise to create it constantly.

You possibly can add and take away recipes with IMC.

class ModClass{
//From 2 Gold ingots and 10 Iron ingots to Diamond
public void addRecipe()
NBTTagCompound tag = new NBTTagCompound();
NBTTagList listing = new NBTTagList();
listing.appendTag(new ItemStack(Gadgets.DIAMOND).writeToNBT(new NBTTagCompound()));
listing.appendTag(new ItemStack(Gadgets.GOLD_INGOT, 2).writeToNBT(new NBTTagCompound()));
listing.appendTag(new ItemStack(Gadgets.IRON_INGOT, 10).writeToNBT(new NBTTagCompound()));
tag.setTag(“IMC_AddRecipe”, listing);
tag.setInteger(“vitality”, 2000);
FMLInterModComms.sendMessage(“quarryplus”, “IMC_AddRecipe”, tag);

//Take away Diamond recipe
public void removeRecipe()


Place this block. It faces the block you clicked.

Use wrench or persist with rotate this block and face the block you need to break.

Ship RS sign to interrupt.

The drop might be inserted to close stock or dropped.


This machine might be enchanted with:

  • Fortune to dig blocks with Fortune
  • Silktouch to dig blocks with Silktouch


  • BreakerPlus can break even bedrock and get drop if Silktouch is enchanted. However you’ll be able to’t break any block on y=0.


Place the machine. It’s going to face you.

Use wrench or stick to vary to rotate and make the machine face the path you need to “click on” or place one thing.

Proper click on to open GUI and transfer gadgets and blocks.

Ship RS sign.


  • This machine use gadgets following the order as beneath image reveals. If utilizing merchandise is just not accepted (returned worth != EnumActionResult.SUCCESS) , it makes use of subsequent merchandise. Even empty stack might be used as air block and attempt to open GUI.
  • This block is just not enchantable.


This merchandise can edit an inventory of “what blocks quarryplus digs with its enchantment”. It has 2 usages.

Utilization 1:

Transfer enchantment to this merchandise. You possibly can transfer both Fortune or Silk Contact.

Proper click on the block you need to exclude or embrace.

Then, you discover the tooltip reveals the register identify and meta of the block you clicked.

Proper click on the block as soon as extra and meta data is disappeared. It means quarry excludes or consists of blocks with any meta. (In case of stone, solely stone might be added to the listing if meta is proven. Stone, granite, diorite and andesite might be added if meta isn’t proven)

Sneak and proper click on the block to clear knowledge of the merchandise.

Click on QuarryPlus to place the info. Enchantment of the merchandise decides which listing (fortune or silk contact) so as to add the info.

Utilization 2:

Ensure the tooltip reveals solely the identify of enchantment. (The merchandise has no block knowledge.)

Proper click on QuarryPlus or MiningWellPlus to open GUI.

Click on Exclude or Embrace to vary how quarry use this listing. Exclude mode treats the listing as black listing. Embrace mode treats as white listing.

Click on Delete to take away the entry from the listing.


Minecraft Forge

BuildCraft Mod

Scalable Cat’s Pressure (For Minecraft 1.13.2)

How one can set up:

  • Be sure you have already put in Minecraft Forge, BuildCraft Mod and Scalable Cat’s Pressure.
  • Find the minecraft software folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, kind %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the high menu bar. Open the folder Utility Assist and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you’ve simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • While you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button you must now see the mod is put in.

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