Minecraft COMBAT Mod 1.15.2


Minecraft COMBAT Mod 1.15.2/1.15.1/1.14.4 (Concept Of Magic Battle And Technology) Idea Of Magic, Battle, And Know-how (C.O.M.B.A.T.) or COMBAT Mod 1.15.2/1.14.Four for comfort goals at including extra content material to Minecraft. It expands your horizon introducing you to lots you want you had however couldn’t.


There are three core focuses of this mod at present:

  • Magic: The purpose right here is to introduce “magic” to your vocabulary. You’ll be capable of each solid spells you’ve ever dreamed of however don’t overlook that “with nice energy comes nice duty”
  • Know-how: The purpose, you in all probability already comprehend it. Its to introduce equipment and would assist you to have varied, no, a hell lot of the way to perform any given activity.
  • Battle: Oh, that is the favorite half. Right here you’ll add varied weapons. Spears, daggers you title it, significantly title it. You’ll lastly get the variability you deserve.

Introduction to Magic

Do you know that each residing factor had the flexibility to retailer mana? Principally, magic in its entirety is changing this saved mana into forces and particles that help you in manipulating and bending the principles of your world to your liking. For now, the one type of magic that exists is the kind that may be solid by wands. Magic is definitely fairly simple and doesn’t require too many steps, however with out the correct instruments it will be not possible to solid magic. After a wile your mana will slowly regenerate.


In an effort to be a magician, you’ll want a stick (sure, a stick) when put within the crafting grid, it kinds the essential wand.

The novice wand is crafted with the essential wand and a tridox gem.

The apprentice wand is crafted the with a blaze rod and a tridox gem.

The superior wand is crafted by surrounding the apprentice wand with tridox.

The grasp wand can solely be obtained by dealing with 2 bosses, the Ender Dragon and the Wither. From the Ender Dragon, you’ll need to gather his breath and from the Wither, you’ll need a nether star. Mix each objects with a gold rod and 6 tridox gems and you’ve got entry to the best tier wand.

The god wand can’t be crafted. It may solely be obtained when killing gods, as it’s important to kill a god to be a god. The Ender Dragon, Wither and Arch Robin have a 10% probability of dropping a god wand as a reward to your valiant efforts. You may go bragging to your wizard mates if you get one

Spells and Scrolls

Spells have completely different classes in addition to ranks. There are 10 classes of spells (Hearth, Water, Therapeutic, Thoughts, Lightning, Wind, House, Nature, Darkness and Enhancement) and their ranks are the identical because the wands. Scrolls comprise one spell and might be obtained from the deaths of hostile mobs. The possibilities of a spell dropping will increase fourfold when you’ve gotten a hand within the mobs loss of life (the drop probability might be edited in config)


These containers of data are important for each witch / wizard and one shouldn’t be seen with out one. These books are crafted by surrounding a guide with tridox and so they retailer the spells that you just’ve collected all through your journey. Though wands additionally retailer spells, they’re disposable and might be changed, whereas this guide isn’t and shedding one is principally the identical as throwing that excellent enchanted diamond sword right into a pit of lava. These books are one in every of a form and needs to be handled with the most effective care


It’s principally vitality that lets you manifest varied spells in your world. A mage can comprise a certain quantity of mana which might be calculated by including 1000 to the quantity of expertise ranges you’ve gotten multiplied by 100. So principally, you probably have 19 expertise ranges, your whole mana capability will likely be 2900. A mage will recuperate 1 mana for each 20 ticks within the sport and the quantity of mana multiplies by 5 at any time when stated mage is full.


As you’re conscious of the 11 kinds of spells in your sport, you also needs to bear in mind which you can solely solid 5 out of that 11. Every sort of spell is split right into a sub-category. Elemental Spells (Hearth, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning), Utility Spells (Restoration and Conjuration) and Particular Spells (House, Thoughts, Nature, Enhancement). A mage can solely use three Elemental sort spells, 1 Utility sort spell and 1 Particular sort spell. The collection of a mage’s affinity is randomized at start and it might probably solely be re-rendomized on rebirth (You principally need to die and respawn)

Mana Drugs

Your conscious that you’ve mana proper? Nicely if you happen to ever end up in a pinch, you should use these capsules to shortly restore a small quantity of your mana, round 50 factors if I’m appropriate. As for the crafting recipe, you’ll merely want one tridox to make 5 capsules. PS these capsules have varied uncomfortable side effects. They don’t present up on a regular basis, however I haven’t used them to seek out out what they’re, so your just about by yourself when utilizing these

The Nan

Positive the title sounds bizarre, however there’s a purpose why many wizards name this place an oasis. Usually, anyone would regenerate 1 level of mana each second, however right here, you achieve 10 factors of mana as an alternative.


In an effort to carry out magic, you want a wand, a scroll, some mana and a grimoire. You first put the spell within the grimoire by setting the guide in your off hand and the scroll in your most important hand and right-clicking. The strategy for including spells to your wand is pretty the identical. You set the wand in your offhand and the grimoire in your most important hand proper click on. As soon as there’s a spell in your wand, you possibly can solid it by right-clicking.

NOTE: Spells within the grimoire can’t be overwritten and as soon as all of your slots are exhausted, you’ll want a brand new guide, additionally, the contents of the scroll is burnt into the grimoire, so select the grimoire you place the spell correctly. Spells can’t be instantly enter to the wand, they have to first undergo the grimoire. You may transfer forwards and backwards between spells by clicking “B”to go backward and “N” to go froward.


Introduction to Know-how

The purpose of this part is to in all probability scale back your potential workload ingame and even offer you extra enjoyable mechanics to play with.

Included Objects

That is principally an inventory of all of the objects you possibly can craft within the sport at present:

  • Torch Levers: Principally what it says, torches as levers.
  • Cardboard paper: The core ingredient to creating cardboard packing containers
  • Cardboard packing containers: Like a shulker field however smaller. Its used to move objects, has 10 stock slots and all objects don’t fall out


The writer: “I’m fairly certain that is self-explanatory, however I’ll nonetheless go on to elucidate. I’m fairly certain that the sword and trident don’t appear to be sufficient to your weapons assortment. You would add the axes, and it received’t be sufficient. So the purpose is so as to add extra weapons whereas preserving the vanillas of Minecraft.”

Weapons Checklist

  • Dagger
  • Spear


Minecraft Forge

Learn how to set up:

  • Ensure you have already put in Minecraft Forge.
  • Find the minecraft software folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, sort %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the prime menu bar. Open the folder Software Help and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you’ve gotten simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • Once you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button you must now see the mod is put in.

COMBAT Mod Download Links:

Minecraft COMBAT Mod All Version DOWNLOAD


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