Minecraft Easy Steel & More Mod 1.16.3/1.16.2/1.16.1/1.15.2


Easy Steel & More Mod 1.16.3/1.16.2/1.16.1/1.15.2/1.15.1/1.14.4 (Vanilla Friendly Gear Fitting Between Stone and Less than Diamond) is designed for vanilla+ play, respecting the supremacy of Diamond and offering the participant with extra selections for instruments, weapons, and armor. This mod provides Flint, Bronze, Metal, Titanium Alloy, Hardened Metal and Tungsten-Carbide to supply a fuller vary of selections between Vanilla’s Stone and Diamond.


The place the supplies match with Vanilla:

The Crack Hammer will probably be an essential device! Proper-click on varied ores and it’ll randomly drop 3, 2, or 1 powdered ores. There’s a small probability you’ll simply get stone powder. Drop charges will be adjusted within the config. Works on coal, iron, gold, diamond, emerald, copper, tin, titanium, and tungsten. If ore blocks from different mods have correct Forge ore tags, it’s going to work on these as nicely.

It you need extra steadiness within the sport, you’ll be able to disable the right-click characteristic of the Crack Hammer and Hand Shovel within the config file.

Minecraft 1.14 launched a brand new Blast Furnace. Probably the greatest makes use of of a Blast Furnace is to make alloys. This mod provides a easy methodology to make metal and bronze.

Whereas many ores course of quicker within the Blast Furnace, in comparison with the common Furnace, Carbon and Metal take for much longer. Copper, tin, and bronze are just a little slower than regular.


  • 4 ores are added to world era: Bornite (copper), Cassiterite (tin), Rutile (titanium), and Wolframite (tungsten); harvest by right-clicking on the ores with a Crack Hammer to get powders; ores will be disabled within the config
  • Carbon is obtained through the use of a crack hammer (right-click) on coal ore, dropping carbon powder
  • Bronze is made by mixing copper and tin powders (3×1) in crafting desk and processing the Uncooked Bronze in an everyday Furnace
  • Metal is made by mixing carbon powder and iron powder in crafting desk and processing the Uncooked Metal in a Blast Furnance
  • Titanium Alloy is made by mixing carbon powder and titanium powder in crafting desk and processing the Uncooked Titanium Alloy in a Blast Furnance
  • Hardened Metal is made by mixing uncooked metal and carbon powder in crafting desk and processing the Uncooked Hardened Metal in a Blast Furnance
  • Tungsten-Carbide is made by mixing tungsten powder and carbon powder in crafting desk and processing the Uncooked Tungsten_Carbide in a Blast Furnance
  • Crack Hammer present ore doubling for copper, tin, tungsten, iron, gold, diamond, and emerald.


  • Beginning in an Excessive Hills Biome is useful since ores could also be uncovered on the floor
  • Use a Hand Shovel to assemble Sharp Flint to make flint instruments. Use by right-clicking on Gravel blocks, random probability to get both flint or sharp flint.
  • Utilizing a pickaxe on ore yields (1) powder, utilizing a Crack Hammer on ores yields (2) powders
  • Carbon Powders are obtained by right-clicking with a Crack Hammer on Coal Ore
  • Iron Nuggets will be crafted into Iron Hyperlinks, which will be crafted into vanilla Chain Mail



  • Bronze and Steel Armor/Tools/Weapons can be made from Silent Mechanisms bronze and steel
  • Bronze/Steel/Titanium Alloy/Hardened Steel/Tungsten-Carbide Ingots – used to make Steel Plate
  • Flint/Bronze/Steel/Titanium Alloy/Hardened Steel/Tungsten-Carbide Tools and Weapons – made from ingots and sticks
  • Steel/Hardened Steel Bows and Crossbows
  • Bronze/Steel/Titanium Alloy/Hardened Steel/Tungsten-Carbide Armor – made from Bronze, Steel, Titanium Alloy, Hardened Steel, and Tungsten-Carbide Plates
  • Copper, Tin, Titanium, and Tungsten Ingot included for cross mod compatibility


Minecraft Forge

Learn how to set up:

  • Ensure you have already put in Minecraft Forge.
  • Find the minecraft software folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, kind %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the prime menu bar. Open the folder Utility Assist and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you’ve got simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • Once you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button it’s best to now see the mod is put in.

Simple Metal & Extra Mod Obtain Hyperlinks:

Minecraft Easy Steel & More Mod ALL VersionDOWNLOAD


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