Minecraft Eetles Reborn Mod 1.15.2


Minecraft Eetles Reborn Mod 1.15.2 (Rhinoceros Beetles) Eetles Reborn Mod 1.12.2 provides an ender herd animal to Minecraft.


The Eetle:

  • Residents of the tip, Eetles are large beetles who’s exoskeleton is a part in making the elytra.
  • Feed the Eetles some refrain fruit and they’ll develop. As they develop, they molt their exoskeleton, and their molt can be utilized to supply elytra (however not earlier than you discover an elytra your self to review its construction and reverse-engineer it).
  • Apart from wings, the Eetle drops its hardly ever horn, which may be crafted right into a Kabuto (samurai Helmet). The Kabuto is a stronger-than-diamond helmet that gives you with Resistance and Power once you put on it-just because the samurai
  • The Eetle can solely reproduce when it’s calm, and below the fixed concern of being hunted, Eetle populations are waning. However the sound of the Ender Shamisen, utilized by historical herders can calm the beast, permitting it to put its eggs into the crevices of endstone. These eggs hatch into larvae, which may be crushed into magenta dye or cooked and eaten.
  • Eetles have been onced sacred to the inhabitants of the Finish Cities, and shrines have been constructed of their honor. The Eetles have been entertained by the the sound of the Shamisen, a craftable instrument that may serenade an Eetle, which, when serenaded, could convey a present.


  • Plasmoids are floating jellyfish who co-exist with the Eetles. The plasmoids are a peaceable variety, and harvested for his or her Aerogelly. Although peaceable, they aren’t forgiving, and like their ender-brethren, possess interdimensional properties. Besides this time, they’ll apply it to you to maintain you away.


  • Aerogelly is a super-lightweight materials, which cannot solely be utilized in lightening the elytra and giving it flying capabilities, and to craft Aeroboots – magical boots that grant the wearer jump-boost and, when harmonized with the frequencies of the Shamisen, can do magical things- however may also be consumed. However don’t eat aerogelly too near an edge, otherwise you may float proper off.


Eetle Larvae and Nest

Eetle Shrine


Eetle Kabuto and Aeroboots

Crafting Recipes:

Eetle Molt to Elytron Fragment


Larva Dye

Cooked Larva

Ender Shamisen




Minecraft Forge

Find out how to set up:

  • Ensure you have already put in Minecraft Forge.
  • Find the minecraft utility folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, sort %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the high menu bar. Open the folder Software Assist and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you’ve got simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • Once you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button you must now see the mod is put in.

Eetles Reborn Mod Download Links:

Minecraft Eetles Reborn Mod All Version – DOWNLOAD


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