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Minecraft Ender Storage Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4/1.12.2 (Teleport Your Items)  provides a number of Ender Chests with separate inventories. It additionally provides the Ender Pouch, an merchandise that permits entry to the contents of a corresponding Ender Chest from wherever. This mod overrides the vanilla Ender Chest.

The storage of a number of units of things within the Finish is facilitated by figuring out completely different Ender Chests with a 3-color code on the lid of every chest. A participant could use dyes to vary the colour code of a chest or bag such {that a} community of chests and luggage could be created for storing objects. Growth of this mod was initiated earlier than the Ender Chest was added to vanilla Minecraft. In newest releases altering the colour codes is made by Ctrl+clicking with dye in hand on particular wool buttons.

EnderStorage is good for transporting objects over lengthy distances. BuildCraft Pipes and RedPower Pneumatic Tubes could also be used to maneuver objects out and in of EnderChests, following the identical conduct of different chests.

Minecraft Ender Storage Mod  Options:

Ender Chest

  • The Ender Chest is a storage block from EnderStorage which predates the Minecraft Ender Chest. Every chest has three wool pads on high that may be manipulated by right-clicking them with a dye. All Ender Chests with the identical 3-color code will entry a shared stock, it doesn’t matter what dimension they’re positioned in. For instance, a red-orange-yellow Ender Chest shares its stock with all different red-orange-yellow Ender Chests, however can’t be accessed at a red-yellow-orange Ender Chest. With the 16 completely different coloured dyes of Minecraft, there are 4,096 potential 3-color codes.
  • An Ender Pouch can be utilized to entry the stock of an Ender Chest from the participant’s hotbar wherever they’re.
  • In the event you change the colour code of an Ender Chest whereas objects are inside, you will be unable to entry these objects anymore, until you have got one other Ender Chest of the identical shade code, or change the colour code again to what it was. Gadgets in an Ender Chest won’t ever be destroyed (besides within the case of a save file being corrupted). When an Ender Chest is damaged, the contents stay in storage and could be accessed once more from an Ender Chest of the identical shade code; the Ender Chest itself retains its shade code and won’t stack with Ender Chests of a special shade code.
  • If the participant right-clicks the latch of an Ender Chest with a diamond, it can now not hook up with Ender Chests of the identical shade code, besides these which that very same participant has additionally diamond-locked. Doing so will eat the diamond and alter the latch to a diamond shade. This doesn’t stop different gamers from accessing the contents of the Ender Chest, however quite acts as if it’s a brand new shade code, particular to that participant. For instance, if a participant “Soaryn” diamond-locks a red-red-red Ender Chest, that chest will now solely hook up with different red-red-red Ender Chests that Soaryn has diamond-locked, nevertheless one other participant “direwolf20” will nonetheless be capable of open the chest and take out objects. This makes the true quantity of mixtures 4096 multiplied by the quantity of gamers which have ever been on the server, plus one other 4096 for all public/shared mixtures.
  • Relying in your modpack it’s possible you’ll or could not be capable of unlock an Ender Chest by breaking it. If the chest unlocks the diamond will drop as a separate merchandise. With some modpacks, shift-clicking the latch may also take away the diamond lock and return the diamond as an merchandise.

Ender Pouch

  • The Ender Pouch is a craftable merchandise providing distant entry to any Ender Chest by way of right-clicking whereas holding the pouch. The Ender Pouch could also be initially crafted with the specified shade of wool; shift-right clicking on an Ender Chest with an Ender Pouch will synchronize the colour code of the pouch to match the colour code of the chest, changing the earlier shade code of the pouch. When the ender-pouch’s GUI is open, it’s nonetheless potential to maneuver it inside your stock, together with putting the pouch inside itself. Not like bag-like issues from different mods, it’s then potential to retrieve it and its contents, by utilizing an ender-chest or one other ender-pouch with the identical code.
  • As with the Ender Chest, the Ender Pouch permits unrestricted entry to the contents of the pouch/chest to any participant in an SMP surroundings with the identical color code on their pouch / chest, until it has been synchronized with a diamond-locked ender chest. This could make it helpful for sharing sources with associates, but in addition permits different gamers to take your sources with out consent.

Ender Tank

  • The Ender Tank is a block added by the EnderStorage mod. A multi-dimensional liquid storage tank that holds 16,000 mB, which is remotely shared with an identical Ender Tank elsewhere. A tank could obtain liquids and the identical liquid could be ejected or extracted from one other tank on the identical community in one other location or dimension. The Tank could also be rotated utilizing a Wrench.
  • Ender Tanks join to one another to switch contents by matching the color sample, which could be set by Proper-clicking the wool pads on high utilizing a dye. With three pads and 16 dyes, there are 4,096 completely different tank networks which may be created this fashion. These networks could also be set to personal by Proper-clicking the dials with a Diamond, the dial adjustments color to cyan. A non-public Ender Tank won’t share any liquids with any public tank, or every other Participant’s; that is significantly helpful on a public server. The Tank could also be set to again to public and the Diamond returned, by Shift+Proper-clicking the dial until the color sample has been modified.
  • The enter and output mode could be set by Proper-clicking the dial on the entrance of the Tank, it can toggle rotation from orange to blue. When blue is up, the tank will settle for liquid being pumped into it and when orange is up, it can eject liquid to a fluid transport system; whereas on this mode, it might nonetheless obtain straight however at a a lot slower charge.
  • Ender Tank has no recognized makes use of in crafting.

Minecraft Ender Storage Mod  Screenshots:

Crafting Recipes:

Ender Chest

Word: The pads on high of the Ender Chest will begin out the identical shade because the wool used to craft it.

Ender Tank

Ender Pouch


Minecraft Forge



Learn how to set up:

  • Be sure to have already put in Minecraft Forge, CodeChickenCore and CodeChickenLib.
  • Find the minecraft software folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, kind %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the high menu bar. Open the folder Utility Help and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you have got simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • If you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button it is best to now see the mod is put in.

Ender Storage Mod Obtain Hyperlinks:

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