Minecraft Forgotten Items Mod 1.15.2


Minecraft Forgotten Items Mod 1.15.2/1.11.2 (Rediscovered Items) Forgotten Objects Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 provides many new distinctive Objects and Instruments to the sport, which are craftable in a particular approach. They don’t have a traditional crafting recipe, however they’ve a recipe that adjustments relying on the world that you simply’re in. Meaning when beginning off a recent world you’ll by no means know what supplies you want to craft an merchandise. The recepies are found by studying runes, that are present in construction chests. The mod provides a brand new type of grind and exploration to the sport that wasn’t there earlier than.


Explosion Pickaxe

  • The explosion pickaxe does what it says – It creates an explosion when breaking a block. The participant is proof against that explosion. The dig velocity is much like iron. The explosion may be cancelled by sneaking.

Gamble Pickaxe

  • The Gamble Pickaxe has a really particular performance. When breaking a block, there’s an opportunity to both duplicate the drop, or destroy the block (dropping nothing). By default, there’s a 30% likelihood to duplicate the drop. However with every stage of fortune utilized to the pickaxe, that likelihood will increase by 10%. So with fortune III, there’s a 60% likelihood to duplicate the drop. The pickaxe has very low sturdiness.

Vein Pickaxe

  • The vein pickaxe mechanically vein-mines the block that’s damaged. It is rather helpful for ore gathering, because it breaks – because the identify implies – whole veins. It has 852 makes use of. The vein-mine may be cancelled by sneaking.

Hasty Pickaxe

  • The hasty pickaxe is a fairly easy quick pickaxe, an enchancment from gold. It doesn’t have as a lot sturdiness as diamond, however whether it is enchanted with Effectivity V, it may insta-mine supplies like stone and hardened clay. It has 547 makes use of.

Obsidian Harvester

  • The Obsidian harvester is an enchancment of the Hasty Pickaxe. It breaks all blocks equally to iron, however it may break Obsidian like Diamond would break Cobblestone.

Certain Instruments

  • Certain instruments have sturdiness and digspeed much like diamond, however when the participant dies, they hold the instruments within the stock (soulbound). When dropped on the planet, the instruments can solely be picked up by the participant who crafted them. They can’t despawn, and are additionally proof against lava and different types of harm. They get sure to the participant from the second that they’re crafted. When the instruments are sure, they tackle a novel coloration, which stays with the participant for all instruments. Customized colours may be registered within the config file.

Barkified Axe (Solely when Barkifier put in)

  • The barkified axe is just obtainable when the most recent model of Barkifier is put in. When breaking logs, the logs are mechanically “barkified”, which means that they’ve bark on all six sides. That block may be positioned and used for constructing varied issues, like customized bushes.


  • There are 5 several types of gems: Shock Gems, Warmth Gems, Water Gems, Wind Gems and Ender Gems. All gems are solely used as crafting elements for higher-tier devices.


For every gem there’s a correspondent talisman.

  • The Shock Talisman absorbs all fall harm, when within the stock, and transforms the harm into an explosion. The participant is proof against mentioned explosion. The scale of the explosion is dependent upon the harm that might have been inflicted. You’ll be able to restore it in an anvil with a Shock gem.
  • The Warmth Talisman can retailer lava, like a bucket (proper click on the supply). Every lava block provides 10 “warmth” factors. When proper clicking smeltable blocks, the blocks will get smelted on the planet and 1 warmth level will get consumed. So issues like sand, clay and sponges may be smelted. There’s a config choice to additionally allow the smelting of blocks that might drop an merchandise.
  • The Water Talisman creates a water supply block when proper clicked. It can be utilized in crafting recipes, as a water bucket substitute. When crafting or inserting, it consumes sturdiness, which may be restored in an anvil with a water gem.
  • The wind talisman may be proper clicked, and it provides the participant a small enhance in that course. It may be spammed to take off and “fly”. Simply watch out, as fall harm is lethal (or use a shock talisman!). It can be used with an elytra, as an alternative to rockets! You additionally fly approach quicker than with rockets. It may be repaired in an anvil with a wind gem.
  • Final however not least, the Ender Talisman. It teleports you wherever you’re wanting. It has a default vary of 50 blocks, however that may be configured within the config file. It’s repaired with ender gems.

Golem Armor

  • Golem armor has unimaginable power, excessive armor toughness. It additionally provides you full knockback resistance whenever you’re sporting the whole set. However it additionally has its disadvantages. When sporting the set in water, every armorpiece drags you down additional. You’ll be able to’t actually swim till you unequip the set.

Cushioned Boots

  • The cushioned boots cut back your fall harm by 75%. In addition they cut back the dimensions of the explosion when utilizing them with a shock talisman. They are often repaired with wool.


  • The lifebelt makes you float on water. It additionally considerably negates or reduces the results of the golem armor. It have to be worn within the chestplate slot. It can be repaired with wool.


Crafting Recipes:

All crafting recipes are generated with the world seed. That signifies that you’ll have totally different crafting recipes for each world (except you employ the identical seed after all). All crafting recipes have one core merchandise, and eight different objects. The core merchandise stays the identical, however the different objects change relying on the world. To seek out out what objects you want to craft one thing, you want to discover Crafting Runes. These runes generate in Finish Cities, Stronghold Libraries, Igloos, Desert Pyramids and Woodland Mansions. When you will have discovered at the least two runes, you possibly can craft the Rune Reader:

There, you insert a rune to see the recipe related to that rune:

We are able to now see what the recipe is, however we don’t know what it should output (You’ll be able to see it in inventive mode, however not in survival mode). Now to seek out out what the output of this recipe is, we have to place the substances in a crafting desk. But when the substances are onerous to get, we could not need to spend so much of time grinding solely to seek out out that the output is an merchandise that you simply don’t really want. That’s why there’s the superior rune reader:

The superior rune reader now reveals the output of the recipe.

So now we will see, that this recipe would craft an ender gem.

The recipes may be generated with any block or merchandise. This implies, that in the event you’re taking part in with many mods, that probably add some creative-only objects, it’s attainable that these things may find yourself in your recipes. To forestall this, there’s an enormous config file (ForgottenItemsBannedList.cfg) with an inventory of all banned objects. In there, you’ll write down all objects that you simply need to disable for crafting.


Minecraft Forge

TschippLib (Obtain Hyperlinks beneath)

The best way to set up:

  • Be sure you have already put in Minecraft Forge and TschippLib.
  • Find the minecraft software folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, kind %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the prime menu bar. Open the folder Software Help and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you will have simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • While you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button it is best to now see the mod is put in.

Forgotten Items Mod  Download Links:

Minecraft Forgotten Items Mod All Version – DOWNLOAD


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