Minecraft Gobber Mod 1.16.3/1.16.2/1.15.2


Minecraft Gobber Mod 1.16.3/1.16.2/1.15.2 (Add Many New Issues For Minecraft)  comprises an array of highly effective instruments, weapons, and armor with particular skills. The Grings and Gaffs present gamers with a wide range of motion, fight, and utility perks. The Space Protection blocks are an effective way to guard your builds or bases from undesirable mob assaults and harm (e.g. pesky creepers). An excellent selection for journey modpacks and servers.


The important thing materials for this mod is named Glob, which could be obtained in 3 ways.

  • Mining – Gobber Ore, which drops 1-Four Globs, spawns randomly at y=20-30 and could be mined with any software
  • Rising – Globettes could be obtained as a uncommon drop from grass, which could be crafted right into a Glob Seed and grown on vanilla farmland.  Globettes could be crafted into Globs in addition to Glob Seeds.
  • Conversion
  • Globs could be obtained by conversion of hostile mob life essence with using the Converter block.  The Converter block will produce Nether Globs whether it is used within the Nether and Finish Globs if used within the Finish.
  • Nether Gobber Ore and Finish Gobber Ore are obtained by silk touching common Gobber Ore and putting it within the Nether and The Finish respectively.  It would drop Nether Globs or Finish Globs if mined within the regular trend.

The subsequent step is to make some ingots for crafting.

  • Crafting – To make Globots, you’ll need to craft a Glob with an iron and gold ingot and a diamond.  This ends in (3) Uncooked Globots.  For Nether Globots, use blaze powder as a substitute of the diamond.  Finish Globots require blocks of diamond, iron, and gold.
  • Smelting – Merely smelt a Uncooked Globot and get a daily Globot, prepared for crafting.

Worldgen & Supplies:

  • Gobber Ore – a reasonably uncommon ore discovered between y=20-30 which drops Globs. The ore throws gentle so it’s simpler to search out in caves.
  • Nether Gobber Ore – not discovered naturally in worldgen, however created by putting a daily Gobber Ore within the Nether.   Drops Nether Globs when mined.
  • Finish Gobber Ore – not discovered naturally in worldgen, however created by putting a Nether Gobber Ore within the Finish.  Drops Finish Globs when mined.
  • Globs/Nether Globs/Finish Globs – a little bit of Gobber in your hand, not a lot good till it’s processed indirectly
  • Globette – a random drop from grass which could be crafted into Globs
  • Nether Globette – a random drop from Nether Wart which could be crafted into Nether Globs
  • Finish Globette – a random drop from refrain plant which could be crafted into Finish Globs
  • Glucky Block – a reasonably widespread block discovered between y=55-110 which drops random loot when damaged.

Mod contents:

Along with the common set of instruments, there are Paxels and three×Three Hammers:


  • Glopper – a robust sword, right-click for Hearth Resistance
  • Gigger – a long-lasting pickaxe, right-click for Night time Imaginative and prescient
  • Govel – a shovel, right-click for Water Respiration
  • Goe – a hoe
  • Gaxe – an axe
  • Gow – a bow with nice energy and limitless arrows
  • Ghears – a pair of shears
  • Gaxel – a robust software that mixes a Gigger, Glopper, and Gaxe into one highly effective software, right-click for Night time Imaginative and prescient
  • Gammer – a really sturdy, conventional 3×Three hammer, right-click for Night time Imaginative and prescient

NOTE: Finish Globot variations of the instruments & weapons are unbreakable and a bit dearer to make.

Three various kinds of armor to make, the chainmail is unbreakable and all three have particular skills.  Take word the unbreakable armor set would require (84) Finish Globots and (6) Nether Stars in complete.


  • Garmor Helmet – sluggish regeneration in Overworld and Nether
  • Garmor Chestplate – water inhaling Overworld
  • Garmor Leggings – no fall harm
  • Garmor Boots – (to be determined)
  • Nether Garmor Helmet – reasonable regeneration in Overworld and Nether
  • Nether Garmor Chestplate – water inhaling Overworld or hearth resistance within the Nether
  • Nether Garmor Leggings – no fall harm
  • Nether Garmor Boots – Three blocks step help
  • Finish Garmor Helmet – speedy regeneration and hearts in Overworld, Nether, and Finish
  • Finish Garmor Chestplate – water respiration and hearth resistance within the overworld, hearth resistance in Nether and inventive flight whereas within the Finish.
  • Finish Garmor Leggings – no fall harm
  • Finish Garmor Boots – Three block step help
  • Garmor Restore Plate – used to restore Garmor and Nether Garmor items, ingots won’t work

Simply of few of the numerous (40) specialty objects to make your gameplay extra enjoyable

Specialty Gadgets:


  • Gring of the Clouds – offers a sluggish vertical ascent for 45 seconds
  • Gring of the Rocket – offers a speedy vertical ascent for 10 seconds
  • Gring of Acceleration – offers ahead momentum within the course you look whereas aloft
  • Gring of Leaping – offers a major leap increase when in hand
  • Gring of the Traveler – offers a big vertical ascent, ahead acceleration, and No Fall Injury.  Purpose excessive and maintain the right-click for actually giant boosts.
  • Gring of Air Strolling – creates an invisible bridge to stroll on or slows the participant to a hover whereas falling from a really excessive altitude (e.g. with Gring of the Clouds, Rocket or Traveler)
  • Gring of Cooling – turns close by water to packed ice, lava within the Overworld to cobblestone, and lava within the Nether to Netherrack
  • Gring of Return – returns the participant to their mattress final slept in
  • Gring of Blink – teleport to the situation the participant is viewing
  • Gring of the Void – teleports the participant to The Finish, on the obsidian platform


  • Gring of Shielding – offers 30 seconds of harm resistance on right-click
  • Gring of Stealth – permits the participant to be undetected by hostile mobs whereas in hand
  • Gring of Dismissal -flings hostile mobs distant, mobs would possibly die from the autumn although, oh properly, out of sight, out of thoughts
  • Gring of Elimination – kills hostile mobs in a small vary across the participant on right-click
  • Gring of Grinding – levitates mobs and drops them to their deaths whereas in hand
  • Gring of Extinguishment – kills close by Blazes whereas in hand
  • Gring of Immunity – protects the participant from most types of harm whereas within the OFF hand
  • Gaff of the Blaze – shoots quick fireballs, restrict 100 pictures, not repairable
  • Gaff of the Dragon – shoots dragon fireballs, restrict 100 pictures, not repairable
  • Gaff of the Wither – shoots wither skulls, restrict 100 pictures, not repairable

Block Harvest/Destruction:

  • Gring of Briskness -provides an help if you are breaking blocks
  • Gring of Arboreal Destruction – breaks logs and leaves in an outlined space (9x20x9) on right-click, nice for clearing away a forest
  • Gring of Sedimentary Destruction – breaks stone, filth, grass, sand, and gravel in an outlined space (5x5x5) on right-click, nice for digging out a mine, underground base, or flattening outland
  • Gaff of Gathering – harvests close by crops and collects them into participant stock on right-click
  • Gaff of Clearing – clears out grass, flowers, and ferns with a right-click.  Sneak right-click will clear leaves from close by timber.


  • Gring of Attraction – an merchandise magnet with a long-range, sneak right-click to toggle on/off
  • Gring of Prosperity – offers somewhat little bit of luck
  • Gring of Progress – accelerates development of crops/crops in a 5 block vary whereas in hand
  • Gring of Love – causes animals to get “busy” in vary on right-click
  • Gring of Aridity – rain, rain, go away, come again on another day
  • Gring of Absolution – removes potion results with a right-click
  • Gring of Respiration – permits underwater respiration whereas in hand
  • Gring of Scotopic – offers evening imaginative and prescient, sneak right-click to toggle on/off
  • Gring of Smothering – offers some safety when on hearth or in lava
  • Gring of Stowage – offers quick access to participant’s Enderchest
  • Gring of Invigoration – offers aid from mining fatigue
  • Gring of Antidote – offers safety in opposition to poison, wither, and some different afflictions
  • Gring of Enchantment – provides varied particular enchantments to the Garmor, Glopper, and Gow by way of crafting desk, some enchants at ranges not potential in vanilla enchantment desk (e.g. Sharpness X)
  • Gaff of Ensnarement – seize/launch a mob (passive/hostile)
  • Gaff of Slaughtering – kills animals with the facility of the Wind

Space Protection Blocks (What Zombie Hoard?):

Tormentor, Eliminator, Repulsor, Converter, and Imparter

  • Repulsor – a block that repels hostile mobs inside a 64 block vary, a protector in your base
  • Eliminator – a block that kills hostile mobs inside a 32 block vary
  • Tormentor – a block that tortures mobs in a 16 block vary, nice for gathering their loot
  • Converter– each a protection block and a straightforward option to gather Globs from hostile mobs inside a 16 block vary.  If positioned within the Nether, it is going to gather Nether Globs.  If positioned within the Finish, it is going to gather Finish Globs.
  • Imparter – When positioned within the Nether, this blocks kill mobs in a 64 block space and spits out the XP solely.  Additionally works within the Finish, however use cautiously because of the spawn charge of Enderman within the Finish.


  • Goo – a lumpy, messy, meals produced from Glob, Sugar, Egg, and Slime Ball
  • Gooey Apple– Goo-infused apples (provides Velocity and Leap Increase)
  • Gooey Bread – Goo-infused bread (no particular impact but)
  • Gooey Pie –Goo-infused meals that offers Velocity
  • Gooey Cookie – Goo-infused meals that gives Velocity
  • Gooey Rooster – Goo-infused meals that gives Saturation
  • Gooey Beef – Goo-infused meals that gives Saturation
  • Gooey Mutton –  Goo-infused meals that present Saturation
  • Gooey Pork –  Goo-infused meals that gives Saturation
  • Gooey Rabbit –  Goo-infused meals that gives Saturation
  • Gooey Fish –  Goo-infused meals that gives Saturation
  • Goop – a easy drink produced from Goo (provides Absorption and Saturation)
  • Gooey Glob Stew – a pleasant stew (provides Saturation)


  • Foo – a furnace gas produced from charcoal  and Glob giving 64,000 tick burn time
  • Nether Foo – a furnace gas produced from charcoal  and Nether Glob giving 96,000 tick burn time
  • Finish Foo – a furnace gas produced from charcoal  and Finish Glob giving 128,000 tick burn time


Numerous Glob Logs, Glob Planks, Gobber Ores, Globot Blocks

  • Uncooked Globot – a proto-ingot produced from Glob, Diamond, Iron Ingot, and Gold Ingot in a crafting desk.  For Nether Globot, use blaze powder as a substitute of the diamond.  For Finish Globots, use blocks of diamond, gold, and iron.
  • Globot – a smelted model of the Uncooked Globot, now appropriate for crafting functions
  • Globot Rod – a troublesome rod used for crafting instruments and weapons
  • Block of Globot – a storage possibility for all of your Globots, additionally used to craft a Gammer
  • Glob Plank – a constructing block that provides off gentle
  • Glob Log – a constructing block that provides off gentle
  • Glob Glass – a transparent glass that provides off the sunshine and solely permits gamers to cross by means of it.  Maintain sneak to have the ability to stroll on glass.


  • Glob Seed – could be crafted from Globettes and a Beetroot seed, used to develop Glob Vegetation.  Nether and Finish Globs can’t be grown instantly.   Netherwart farms can yield Nether Globettes and Refrain Plant farms can yield Finish Globettes.
  • Glob Plant – a planted Glob Seed grows right into a Glob Plant and drops Globette for harvest.  It may be right-clicked for harvest, leaving the plant in place.  Additionally works with auto farmers (e.g. Farmer from Truly Additions).  A Gring of Progress enormously accelerates the method.

A small farm of mature Glob Vegetation



Minecraft Forge

JEI (For crafting recipes)

The right way to set up:

  • Be sure to have already put in Minecraft Forge.
  • Find the minecraft software folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, sort %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the high menu bar. Open the folder Software Assist and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you might have simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • Whenever you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button it’s best to now see the mod is put in.

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