Minecraft Hardcore Questing Mode Mod 1.16.3/1.16.2/1.16.1/1.12.2


Minecraft Hardcore Questing Mode Mod 1.16.3/1.16.2/1.16.1/1.12.2 (Quests for Minecraft)  introduces a chance to play a life primarily based hardcore mode, however with greater than only one life earlier than your world will get deleted otherwise you get banned from a server. Moreover, you’ll be able to full quests to realize rewards, the rewards could be cool gadgets and even further lives. The quests aren’t nevertheless included within the mod, it’s as much as you or a map maker to create them. To create them you’ll have to use the in-game editor. You’ll be able to then export the quests to a file to share with your mates or the gamers of your map.


  • Distinctive questing system.
  • Tiered reward system (loot baggage).
  • In sport Editor.
  • Dying Counter/ Tracker.



Participant Instructions

/hqm assist

  • Returns an inventory of obtainable instructions

/hqm model

  • Returns the at the moment put in model of Hardcore Questing Mode

/hqm lives

  • Returns the gamers present lives remaining

Op Instructions

/hqm assist

  • Returns an inventory of obtainable instructions

/hqm model

  • Returns the at the moment put in model of Hardcore Questing Mode

/hqm lives

  • Returns the gamers present lives remaining

/hqm lives playercheck

  • returns present lives remaining of a participant

/hqm lives add

  • Can be utilized so as to add lives to a participant Arguments embrace
  • Mixtures:
  • /hqm lives add – It will give YOU 1 life.
  • /hqm lives add – It will give YOU of lives.
  • /hqm lives add – It will give 1 further life.
  • /hqm lives add – It will give further life.
  • Instance:
  • /hqm lives add Vswe 10 – It will give the participant (Vswe) 10 further lives

/hqm lives take away

  • Can be utilized to take away lives from a participant Arguments embrace
  • Mixtures:
  • /hqm lives take away – It will take away 1 life from YOU.
  • /hqm lives take away – It will take away of lives from YOU.
  • /hqm lives take away – It will take away life from .
  • /hqm lives take away – It will take away of lives from .
  • Instance:
  • /hqm lives take away Vswe 10 – It will take away 10 lives from the participant (Vswe)

Including and Eradicating Lives in SSP

  • So as to add and take away lives in single participant you’ll want to world to have cheats enabled earlier than the add and take away instructions will work.

Find out how to use:

Fundamental Quest Creation

Earlier than we will truly create our quests, we first must allow edit mode. Go into minecraft/config/hqm and open up the hqmconfig.config file (relying in your model this can be within the editmode.cfg file):

Now, discover the road that asks if you wish to use the editor. Change that from “false” to “true.”

Subsequent, we simply must launch the sport to be put into Edit Mode!

As soon as we’re in sport, we’ll wish to get ourselves a Quest Guide. Open up the Artistic Menu (or NEI, when you’ve got it), and seize the Quest Guide.

Proper-click to open up the ebook! We’ll be met with this interface:

Fig. 1: That is an superior textual content field that the gamers can learn once they first open up the hunt ebook in your modpack. You’ll be able to edit this to learn no matter you want, and later, even add in a file to relate it!

Fig. 2: That is the emblem that gamers will see once they open up your ebook. Later, I’ll present you tips on how to edit this and add in your individual, distinctive brand!

Fig. 3: That is your Instruments Bar. You’ll use the instruments on this very regularly all through the creation of your quests. You’ll be able to click on on a software to pick out it to be used. On this web page, there are solely two instruments accessible:

The Cursor: That is the software you’ll use to navigate your Questing Journey. Left-click on issues to pick out them, or to deselect them if essential. You’ll be able to enter new menus with this, and exit the menu by right-clicking.

The Textual content Editor: The Textual content Editor is a useful gizmo that’s fairly self-explanatory. If in case you have it chosen, you’ll be able to edit something with textual content! Hey. Keep in mind Fig. 1? That had no textual content? What if we clicked on it with this software?

Hey! Would you take a look at that! We’re in a position to edit this textual content! Why don’t we put in one thing snazzy, like:

That’s extra prefer it! Whenever you’re accomplished, hit okay, and we will admire our work:

Choose your Cursor software once more, and click on on the “Click on right here to start out” textual content. We’ll be met with this menu:

Woah. There are numerous new buttons right here. Let’s take them one after the other.

The Create Set Button: With the intention to perceive this button, we first have to grasp the concept of units. Units are what include all of the quests we’re going to create. You’ll be able to have a number of units, crammed with all various kinds of quests

The Designate Set Button: This button has no use proper now, however it’ll come in useful later. It permits us to pick out a set to maneuver quests between. It’s like shifting a file between folders, however a quest between units. I’ll get into it extra later.

The Reward Baggage Button: This button permits you to edit the Reward Baggage, that are principally little goodie baggage that may be given out to your gamers from time to time. As soon as once more, extra element later.

The BIG BAD Delete Button: It is a very scary button that you have to be cautious with. When you might have this button chosen, all the things you click on on can be deleted. Perpetually. Solely use this in a case of emergency.

The Save Button: Positioned down on the decrease proper, this button permits you to save all your progress, in case it’s misplaced. In the event you exit the sport with out urgent this button, all the things you’ve accomplished will get itself undone, which we NEVER wish to occur. So make it a psychological observe: each time you will exit, hit this button.

Now, since we all know what all our instruments do, it’s time to make the primary set. The set is what we’d use to divide our quests into varied sections. It’s like a folder, and the quests are the information. Anyway, let’s use our Create Set software to make our first set.

After first deciding on the software, we’ll be met with this interface:

This half is straightforward. All we’ve to do is hit “Create Set,” and our first set can be created, like so:

It might be greyed out at first, however that’s just because we don’t have any quests inside it! We are able to edit the title of the hunt with our good outdated Textual content Editor, or we will swap to our Cursor and click on on it. We’ll instantly see this:

Fig. 4: That is the outline for our set! We are able to edit this with the Textual content Editor, and at any time when a participant selects this set, they’ll see this description, all prepared for them to learn!

Fig. 5: That is what you’ll click on along with your Cursor with a purpose to entry the quests contained in the set. It’s like opening up the folder we in contrast the set to earlier!

Fig: 6: That is the informational part that tells us and the participant what number of quests are contained throughout the set, and what kinds of quests they’re.

Let’s go forward and hit the “Open” button! We’ll see a clean display, with an entire bundle of latest and useful instruments!

The Transfer Quests Instrument: This software, as soon as chosen, permits us to click on and drag a quest across the display! It’s useful for making issues look good and be aesthetically pleasing to the person.

The Create Quest Instrument: Hey! This software seems acquainted! It’s the Create Set Instrument! Nicely, principally. As soon as we’re inside a set, this software adjustments makes use of. As an alternative of permitting us to create new units, this permits us to create new quests! We’ll be utilizing this shortly.

The Quest Necessities Instrument: This software permits us to hyperlink quests collectively. It permits us to designate that one quest must be accomplished earlier than the following is unlocked. We’ll go into extra element on this later.

The Change Dimension Instrument: This software is extra aesthetic than the opposite instruments. This one permits us to vary the visible measurement of the hunt, to make it seem greater than the others. This has no have an effect on on gameplay, however it certain does look good!

The Change Merchandise Instrument: This software, just like the Textual content Editor, is an efficient good friend that we’re going to be utilizing A LOT. This permits us to vary the merchandise related to a quest, reward, or purpose. We can be utilizing this shortly, as effectively!

The Repeatability Instrument: This software permits us to set the repeatability of a quest. We are able to have a participant repeat a quest each few hours, having it unlock itself after an interval, or have it wait to unlock itself till a sure period of time has handed because the final completion.

The Set off Instrument: This software permits us to set the set off for a quest, or quests after. We’d use this software with a purpose to make quests invisible or locked till a sure requirement has been reached. We’ll go into far more element about this and the Repeatability Instrument later.

The Choose Quest Instrument: It is a great tool that enables us to pick out a quest to bind to an object. We are able to make it in order that there are doorways scattered all through the world that can solely open once you full a quest, or we will have TNT explode once you full a quest. ‘Trigger, I imply, who doesn’t need TNT exploding?

The Quest Choice Instrument: It is a enjoyable software that enables us to bind two quests collectively. When you’ve accomplished one of many sure quests, you’ll be able to’t full the opposite!

The Change Set Instrument: Earlier, again after we have been on the Set display, we had the flexibility to pick out a Set to maneuver issues to. That is the software you’ll use to truly ship the quests to the chosen set. Consider this like dropping the hunt within the mailbox. Deciding on the Set is like addressing the envelope!

These are all the brand new instruments for this display. It seems like most of them are ineffective with out the a quest, so why don’t we pull out our pleasant “Create Quest” software, and click on just a few occasions!

Woah! We’ve bought an entire bunch of flashing buttons! Why don’t we seize our Cursor and click on on one? We’ll see this fancy display:

That is our good quaint quest display. It’s right here the place we’ll be capable of see the meat of our quests, just like the targets and rewards. Right here, let me clarify all these new instruments:

The Create Job Instrument: That is just like the Create Quest and Create Set software. It lets us create a process to inform the participant precisely what they should do. There’s all the things from Crafting Duties to Killing Duties.

The Change Job Instrument: That is easy, however helpful. This software permits us to pick out an already made process and swap the kind of process it’s

The Edit Monster Instrument: This software, just like the Edit Location Instrument, permits us to inform the participant which monster they must kill

Now, since we’re already right here, why don’t we brighten up our quest by including in an outline and title? Use the Good Outdated Textual content Editor to do that.

Now, to present this quest some extent. Choose the “Create Job” software, and we’ll be met with this:

As you’ll be able to see, there are a myriad of various duties we will assign the participant. We’ll get into all of them later. For now, let’s assign a “Crafting Job,” which requires the participant to craft an merchandise:

As you’ll be able to see, as soon as we’ve clicked it, it created a brand new Crafting Job. Which means that it’ll detect mechanically after we craft the chosen merchandise. How can we choose the merchandise we would like the participant to craft? Let’s use our Cursor to click on on the Job to seek out out!

Hrm… It seems that there’s nothing… Wait! Gideon! Didn’t you point out one thing a few Change Merchandise Instrument earlier? What if we used that software and right-clicked on the nothing?

Woah. That is complicated however very nice-looking. If I might, I’d even ask this GUI out on a date. Anyway, there are two methods of selecting the merchandise we would like the participant to craft. You’ll be able to choose it when you’ve got it in your stock, or you’ll be able to seek for it on the left. Let’s make this primary quest easy, and have them craft some Wood Planks. Let’s attempt trying to find it.

Good job! Now, we will choose the quantity of occasions we would like them to craft the planks, and how much detection we would like. For now, let’s go away the quantity of crafts at one, and speak concerning the kinds of detection.


Exact detection is the default. The participant should submit EXACTLY the merchandise that it requests, else it gained’t settle for it. So if I had a stone sword named “Gideon is the Finest” and also you tried to submit a stone sword named “Gideon is NOT the Finest,” it could not settle for it.


Nevertheless, if we had it on NBT unbiased detection, if it was asking for a stone sword named “Qazplm601 is the Finest,” we might nonetheless submit one named “Gideonseymour is the Finest.” That is additionally helpful for mods like Blood Magic. If we had it on Exact detection, and requested for a Blood Orb sure to Padfoote, it could not settle for on sure to Gideonseymour. But when we had it on this setting, it could.


Fuzzy detection is beneficial for issues that ought to ignore harm values. Say we needed them to submit a stone sword that had been used as soon as. Until we had it on Fuzzy detection, it could not settle for a stone sword that had been used twice.


The final kind of detection, Ore dictionary detection, is beneficial for when there are a number of kinds of a block within the sport. Say we needed the participant to submit a block of Copper from Thermal Basis. Until we’ve this feature enabled, it won’t enable the participant to submit a block of Copper from IC2.

For the needs of this quest, we would like the ebook to detect if the participant crafts any kind of Wood Plank, whether or not it’s Spruce, Oak, Acacia, or Birch. So, we’ll select Ore Dictionary Detection. Choose that and hit okay, and bam! We’ve created our first process.

Now, we don’t wish to be fully cold-hearted. Positive, we’re forcing the participant to craft some Wooden Planks, however we will, as a minimum, give them a reward. Let’s use the Change Merchandise software to click on on one of many blanks beneath “Rewards.” I’m going to present them a gold ingot.

However Gideon, you ask, what does the “Decide One” space imply? Nicely, younger grasshopper, that space permits you to specify some rewards that they’ve to decide on between. F’rinstance, I’ll have them select between a Golden Apple, and a Golden Carrot. They’ll’t have each, just one.

We’re virtually accomplished with our first quest! There are ending touches left. Let’s choose our cursor once more, and head again out so we will view all of the quests.

One thing is lacking. All of those quests lack individuality. It’s like we’ve a communist state happening on this ebook! Why don’t we take out our Change Merchandise software and liven issues up a bit.

Ah. That’s extra prefer it. Our quests now have some persona. In actual fact, now that I give it some thought, we’ve completed our first quest! Let’s give Gideon a break from typing madly! Why don’t you flip off edit mode and go attempt your quest out in a brand new world? Don’t overlook to hit save in your approach out!

Testing and Resetting the HQM Quest Guide:

  • To check your sport and see what the participant will see you first must disable edit mode. To do that exit out of Minecraft and go into minecraft/config/hqm . Open up the hqmconfig.config file (or relying in your model this can be within the editmode.cfg file) and alter the “quests.B:UseEditor” attribute from “true” to “false”.
  • Subsequent restart Minecraft and cargo up your sport and you need to discover now you can do the quests in your HQM quest ebook, however not edit something. Check your quests for issues like how simple they’re to finish, whether or not they work as anticipated (notably location-based duties), and whether or not quests which require a mother or father quest to be accomplished first are working like they need to.
  • To check all the things once more from scratch, exit Minecraft, go to your Minecraft folder, and find savesYOUR WORLD NAMEHardcoreQuesting . Inside must be two information – gamers.dat and gamers.dat-backup . Make a backup of those someplace simply to be protected, after which delete each information. Now begin up Minecraft once more and you need to have a pleasant clear HQM quest ebook, with all your quests in place however not one of the completion duties accomplished.


Minecraft Forge

Find out how to set up:

  • Ensure you have already put in Minecraft Forge.
  • Find the minecraft software folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, kind %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the prime menu bar. Open the folder Utility Assist and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you might have simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • Whenever you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button you need to now see the mod is put in.

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