How to Find Minecraft Village?


How to Find Minecraft Village?

Hello family and dear visitors. Today I will tell you how to find the fastest village in Minecraft. Minecraft is constantly receiving updates and this game is getting better. Today I will tell you about the village management. Let me state that it is a very easy method. You can find interesting structures in Minecraft quickly and easily with the / locate command. This amazing command allows you to find the coordinates of the nearest Buried Treasure, Ocean Ruin, Shipwreck, End City, Nether Castle, Woodland Mansion, Abandoned Mine Well, Ocean Monument, Fortress, Forest Temple, Pyramid, Witch’s Hut, Igloo, Village or Pillager . To use this command, your Minecraft version must be at least 1.11. Let’s write a few commands here as an example.

/ locate Pillager_Outpost
/ locate Buried_Treasure
/ locate Village

These are sample commands.

If it cannot find anything or gives errors, it may be because, for example, if you are looking for a village, because there is no nearby village or if you are looking for something else, it is in another dimension. Let’s say you don’t want to use this method. After all, you have to turn on cheats for this command. It is really a coincidence to find villages out of this command. So why? Villages in Minecraft do not come out according to a certain rule. Therefore, while you are walking, you can find a village or you can walk around, you can not find a village. If you insist on not using the / locate command, find a horse, supply supplies and weapons, etc. You’d better take it and hit the road, your path might be long. Of course, if you want to start in a new world, you just need to find a village tour from Google.


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