How to make a secret door in Minecraft?


How to make a secret door in Minecraft?

How to make a secret door in Minecraft?
Hello dear members and visitors of Turkey’s largest player platform! Let’s say you had a great day in Minecraft and collected a lot of emeralds. You must be very lucky! So the real problem is, where can you put them in the lava pool to keep them safe? I’m kidding, don’t try anything like that, please.

If you don’t want your valuables stolen, you can try to hide them behind a hidden door. Of course, I am not talking about a door made of blocks of earth that was broken to enter in each time and was put back in place after you were done. So if it were 2009 or so, you could do that, but now you need 2019 and a more professional door. In short, you can make a more fantastic door than a mud door!

But first I must say that; If you are new to thieves cheating, you have to grasp the basics first. Today, we will take 5 steps to make a secret door in Minecraft, and the difficulty of making these doors will increase gradually. First of all, when reading this, make sure that there is no thief around you. (You know that we work secretly.)

We begin our journey in the world of hiding with a picture. What do you see in the picture below?

Yes, I seem to hear you say you saw a skull. We congratulate, but the main thing is that this skull image is actually a secret door. What, still haven’t you seen? This picture was placed on the hole opened in a room and thus closed it. You can make yourself an art lover door by following the steps below.

Yes, although pictures are a good way to hide doors, I can say that thieves often do not escape their eyes. For better protection, you may want to open the door to your secret room with a more secret button.

First, make an iron door and put it in an invisible place. You can also put it behind the picture above.

Then, you need a button to open this door, but this button must be hidden just as the door is. In the video below, Mumbo Jumbo shows you great ways to hide buttons.

Once you have your iron door and button, all you have to do is combine them. Simply, you can use redstone to connect the button and the door.

The last step is that if you don’t hide the red stone dust behind a wall, you will power a hidden door with redstone. After these steps, it is completely finished! You now have an impassable castle.

Let’s spend a little less time on insidiousness and instead make a secret door with the piston.

Securing our home is a bit more difficult as we have to use a sticky piston, but there is no need to worry! Below I have explained how a hidden piston door can do. (There is also a video narration.)

Top level
You may have noticed a mistake in the piston door we did above, yes the switch above shows everything. You can try to hide the switch behind an object, but there are also some redstone circuits to better hide the piston doors.

To get a good start, you can follow Rouge Fox’s guide to storing the buttons of the piston doors. The required redstone circuit is quite simple, but when you enter different blocks and materials, the work gets more complicated. You can watch the video below carefully.

If you think this is easy, you can examine the Kiziltas torch door of Biggs87x, which is made with many moving parts that work together. Another version of this idea is the door of docm77, which uses an armor stand to create a chain reaction that opens the iron door.

Finally, Mumbo Jumbo returns with different and hidden doors. Some are working with the piston, while others are entirely new arrangements. After successfully doing a few of these, I’m sure you’ll be a redstone expert. The thieves will hate you fully! Don’t you want thieves to hate you? Thieves aren’t the kind of group you need to impress.

I know what you think. How can hidden doors be made more complicated? Just ask McMakistein. Austrian Minecraft player who builds all kinds of machines to displace people’s minds. The video below contains some of the most amazing secret doors you can possibly see and see.

But these are not the best of them. Recently, McMakistein built 5 more doors, some of them inspired by the world of Harry Potter.

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