Minecraft Mahou Tsukai Mod 1.16.3/1.16.1/1.16.2/1.15.2


Minecraft Mahou Tsukai Mod  1.16.3/1.16.2/1.16.1 / 1.15.2/1.15.1/1.12.2 (You’re a Real Magic-User)  will flip you right into a magic-user. You may have mana minecraft modpacks .


You may have mana. It exhibits within the prime left as “Mahou X/Y“. X is your present mana, and Y is your most mana storage. (Cheater? Use /maxmahou @p 10000 to set your mana to 10000.)

Notice: Your mana is not going to present till the primary time you draw a blood circle.

  • Each time you employ 100 mana, your most mana storage goes up by 1.
  • You may retailer mana in Attuned Gems. Add an Attuner to a diamond or emerald after which maintain proper click on to place mana into it. This can be a good approach to “use” your mana in the event you occur to not want magic. If in case you have gems with mana in your stock, spells might faucet them for mana, however normally provided that you don’t have sufficient. (Notice: There appears to be a bug with Forge when switching to artistic mode – if the gem is in your hotbar it’s possible you’ll lose the mana in it.)
  • Your mana will regenerate slowly over time, independently of your max mana. It’s a set regen charge. In the event you sleep, you’ll get chunk of your mana again. In the event you’re full, you’ll regenerate a bit of greater than in the event you’re hungry. However sleep is essential, so get some sleep earlier than you do extra magic.

To carry out magic, you want a number of issues:

  • Mana
  • * Your individual blood, to attract a magic circle on the bottom.
  • * 3 Catalysts, which you add to the circle by proper clicking.
  • * (typically) A Material on the bottom to roll up your circle right into a scroll. This is dependent upon the spell.
  • Normally, you proper click on on the circle while you end the above, however typically this isn’t needed.

Normal Information:

Drawing a Circle:

  • Injure your self, after which use the hotkey (defaults to ‘M’) to attract a circle in blood on the ground. There’s a brief timeframe that it’s important to do that after injuring your self, so there’s a Dagger you may make to stab your self, if you’d like. As a bonus, the dagger could be very sharp so it will increase the quick timeframe by a bit.
  • If the spell you’re making requires a Material, put the material down first, after which draw the circle on prime. Add catalysts; while you’re achieved, proper click on the circle to choose up a scroll.
  • (Notice – scrolls have an identical drawback to Attuned Gems. Usually spells can solely be utilized by you if it has your blood on it – however going to artistic mode might take away this restriction.)

Including Catalysts:

There are seven catalysts every representing one of many recognized classes of magic. Take a Hammer or a Mortar and Pestle and smash them up right into a Powdered Catalyst (be aware: these are usually not dusts, that are generally present in industrial mods as merchandise of ore duplication – a mortar and pestle gives you 2 powders, and that’s the optimum manufacturing), and add these powders to the blood circle you drew.

The catalysts, and their corresponding classes are:

  • * (I) Iron – Boundaries
  • * (e) Ender – Displacement
  • * (D) Diamond – Projection
  • * (E) Emerald – Trade
  • * (G) Gold – Mystic
  • * (Q) Quartz – Intelligence
  • * (O) Ender Eye – Mystic Eyes

Boundaries cope with protecting AOE results centered on a magic circle.
Displacement Spells cope with teleportation magic.
Projection Spells cope with weapons.
Trade Spells normally contain a commerce of some type, usually to refund or generate mana.
Mystic Spells are distinctive, usually offensive, spells which give miscellaneous results.
Mystic Eyes
 are sight-based spells.
Intelligence Spells usually cope with resolution making, usually targeted round entities.

Here’s a listing of legitimate spell mixtures (see above for the catalyst shorthand) and whether or not you want a fabric. An order doesn’t matter for the catalysts.
You may experiment to see how a lot mana each prices. Spoilers under – read-only in the event you don’t need to experiment.


  • IIQ – Alarm Boundary – (fabric elective) – lets you recognize when one thing enters your boundary
  • III – Enclosure Boundary – (fabric elective) – for folks to lazy to construct bases
  • IID – Tangible Boundary – (fabric elective) – invisible barrier that allows you to go by way of however nothing else
  • IIe – Displacement Boundary – (fabric elective) – teleports issues from one aspect of the boundary to a different. use at your personal threat – blocks will transfer too.
  • IIG – Gravity Boundary – (fabric elective) – will increase the gravity throughout the boundary, for everybody besides you
  • IIE – Boundary of Drain Life – (fabric elective) – turns the well being of close by issues into well being, fullness, and mana for you. costly.

Notice: If a fabric is included, you may make a boundary scroll which lets you place the boundary at a location rapidly. Boundary scrolls don’t value mana to make use of, however the boundary they place does.


  • eeG – Ascension – (fabric elective) – teleports you to the floor. with no fabric, teleports anybody who steps on it to the floor. every teleport prices mana.
  • eeI – Protecting Displacement – (fabric required) – ever marvel what it’s wish to be an enderman?
  • eeD – Projectile Displacement – (fabric required) – teleport to the final arrow you shot, assuming it nonetheless exists.
  • eee – Ordered Displacement – (no fabric) – teleports you to a close-by ordered displacement circle, within the order that they had been positioned. if there’s no circle positioned after, it would loop round to the oldest one. Has a brief delay so you will get off the journey if you’d like.
  • eeE – Equal Displacement – (no fabric) – can teleport issues an extended distance between two circles, assuming each chunks are loaded and there’s one thing standing on every circle. Generally is a mob, a dropped merchandise, and so on. The issues/mobs/folks on every circle will swap locations. Use shift proper click on to bind two circles collectively.
  • eeQ – Psychological Displacement – (fabric required) – astral projection with a spread of 20 blocks. to get out of it, merely exceed the vary and also you’ll be again in your personal physique.
  • eeO – Scrying – (no fabric) – drop a nametag on prime of this one to quickly view the goal participant/mob with this title and a few of his environment. has some limits – can’t see tile entities, can’t see different entities apart from the one you’re scrying, doesn’t work throughout dimensions, goal have to be loaded on the server aspect and so on. and so on. However, it ought to work in the identical dimension.


  • DDI – Strengthening – (fabric required) – strengthen gadgets in your stock. Sturdiness heals and doesn’t lower for a number of makes use of. Can mine one degree up from the fabric’s common capabilities. So sticks can mine stone, wooden pickaxes can mine iron, stone pickaxes can mine diamond, and so on. Mining velocity goes up a bit. Extra injury while you hit stuff. Can be utilized on sticks, swords, and so on (projectiles could have elevated smacking injury, however not elevated projectile injury). Targets the very first thing in your hotbar, or your off-hand slot.
  • DDQ – Projection – (fabric required) – first use memorizes a instrument or merchandise you’re taking a look at. Might be in one thing’s hand, will be on the bottom, in an merchandise body. second use offers you a duplicate of the instrument, with 5 sturdiness.
  • DDe – Crimson Black Keys of Proximity Projection – (fabric required) – summons a weapon. teleports you to the factor you’re attacking. can assault from far-off.
  • DDG – Bow of Weapon Projectiles – (fabric required) – summons a bow which helps you to shoot instruments, however not arrows.
  • DDD – Actuality Marble – (fabric required) – teleports you and your goal (in the event you don’t have a goal, simply you) to your actuality marble. You ought to be teleported to the identical spot each time. Different folks could have a distinct spot within the dimension. There might be a variety of swords there. You may change it to organize for victims. To depart, kill your goal (in the event you had one), then take injury (or simply die, however your gadgets might be left there).
  • DDE – Energy Consolidation – (no fabric) – Place this (in all probability far out of your base) to spawn a big lake. Throw an enchanted sword within the lake, after which go diving to get a brand new, holier, sword with injury equal to the sword you threw in, together with its enchantments (Smite is the very best, duh). (Notice: This course of will be repeated by re-enchanting the sword you obtained. In the event you’re a killjoy modpack maker who thinks this course of is unacceptable, search for the “nerf issue” within the config and set it to 1.0).
  • DDO – Treasury Projection – (fabric required) – Summon weapons out of your treasury (learn: your stock & ender chest) to pelt enemies with! Will need to have weapons in stock or ender chest for this to do something.


  • GGE – Injury Replication – (fabric required) – replicates injury and potion results that occur to you to the factor you apply it to
  • GGI – Rho Aias – (fabric required) – a giant defend. bounces entities again a bit
  • GGD – Mystic Workers of Explosive Mana Condensation – (fabric required) – makes a giant explosion. lengthy cost up. large mana value. Shift right-click for a smaller AOE assault mode.
  • GGe – Mystic Workers of Spatial Disorientation – (fabric required) – shoots entities actually far. Goal at an entity to simply throw one. Goal at an empty block to throw the whole lot close to the block
  • GGG – Borrowed Authority – (fabric required) – borrow the authority of the gods and whack stuff round for a bit. Strive to not use it too near your base!
  • GGQ – Cup of Heaven – (fabric elective) – the evil plan! kind some kind of polygon out of those circles with out the material. fill the polygon with nodes with out the material. make a scroll with the material to activate the cup!
  •  Each residing factor within the exterior polygon might be affected.
  •  Caster have to be inside 30 blocks of a node to activate the cup. (little bit of a lag typically so solely use the scroll as soon as)
  •  Results depend upon what number of nodes you set contained in the polygon.
  •  Multiples of two add stacks of poison, multiples of three add weak spot, 5 provides blindness, 7 provides slowness, 11 provides wither, 13 provides levitation. So 12 inner nodes can be Poison II and Weak point I for instance.
  •  Results will even be utilized based mostly on what number of nodes are on the exterior polygon. (so a sq. – four nodes = 2 * 2 – exterior gives you poison 2 by default)
  •  Nodes have to be inside 20 blocks of one another to be counted as a part of the community.
  •  For aesthetics, placing the circle additional down makes a much bigger circle within the sky! visible solely.  Put it above top 80 for a tiny circle within the sky.

Mystic Eyes:

  • OOG – Mystic Eyes of Binding – (fabric required) – stare close to folks/mobs to halt their actions. They must be dealing with you. In the event you’re caught on this, strive trying away from the individual casting.
    OOQ – Mystic Eyes of Minor Clairvoyance – (fabric required) – enables you to predict the actions of some entities. Doesn’t work on offended skeletons once they strafe. Might be finicky. I feel I fastened all of the networking bugs on this, however perhaps not.
    OOD – Mystic Eyes of the Black Flame – (fabric required) – creates tough to comprise black flames on the goal location. causes wither injury to entities which are available in contact with them. spreads quickly. quench with rain or water if it will get uncontrolled. (Rain will work underground too.)
    OOI – Mystic Eyes of Dying Assortment – (fabric required) – watch issues die (doesn’t matter how) and acquire their souls whereas the spell is energetic. Forestall your dying for each full soul collected. Gamers give 1 soul by default, mobs give 0.25 souls.
  • OOE – Mystic Eyes of Reversion – (fabric required) – stare close to folks/mobs to revert them to the best way they ought to be. Potion results are cleansed, buffs from Mahou Tsukai are cleansed, Endermen cease dodging arrows, Shulker bins can’t block arrows, Withers can’t block arrows, Nether mobs can burn, Water mobs can drown, Husks catch fireplace within the solar.
  • OOO – Mystic Eyes of Fay Sight – (fabric required) – means that you can see the Fae and Leylines.


  • QQQ – Summon Acquainted – (fabric required) – Summon a well-recognized. It talks, wanders, and tells you what it sees/senses on occasion. You may title it. It would die while you’re logged off, although, out of loneliness.
  • QQe – Recall Acquainted – (fabric required) – Name your acquainted again to you.
  • QQE – Acquainted Trade – (fabric required) – Change locations together with your acquainted.
  • QQG – Shared Imaginative and prescient – (fabric required) – See what an entity or participant sees. To get out of this, strive proper clicking – you possibly can scroll to ensure the hotbar is on one thing secure to proper click on, as no matter you proper click on might be used.
  • QQI – Acquainted’s Backyard – (fabric required) – Use after you summon a well-recognized to create an space the place everybody’s pleasant. This space strikes with the acquainted.


  • EEI – Injury Trade – (fabric required) – A masochist’s dream! Flip injury you’re taking into mana.
  • EEQ – Chronal Trade – (no fabric) – Offers you some mana per second half the day, and takes away the mana per second the opposite half the day. In the event you create it at 7AM, it gives you mana between 1AM and 1PM, and take away mana between 1PM and 1AM. I.e. mana era is centered on placement time. Plan accordingly.
  • EED – Sturdiness Trade – (no fabric) – Converts sturdiness on instruments to mana. You may simply put the instruments on prime of the circle and it’ll injury them and attempt to fill your mana bar. You can even put a chest beneath with instruments in it.
  • EEE – Catalyst Trade – (no fabric) – Randomly converts powdered catalysts you placed on it into different catalysts. Lack of supplies is not any impediment in case you have sufficient mana!
  • EEG – Alchemical Trade – (no fabric) – Each day on the time you positioned it, it converts sure blocks in a 5x5x5 space beneath it into different random blocks, normally of the identical tier. For instance, stone might grow to be different forms of stone, and sand might grow to be dust! Works totally on pure blocks that spawn repeatedly on the planet, not issues like “Block of Diamond”.
  • EEe – Contract – (no fabric) – Create a circle and stand on it. Any gamers who’re additionally standing on a contract circle close by will kind a contract with you, permitting them to go by way of destructive results of boundaries and Mystic Eyes of Binding (doubtlessly others sooner or later).
  • EEO – Immunity Trade – (fabric required) – can be utilized on both your self or an enemy you’re taking a look at. The affected entity doesn’t take injury from repeats of the identical injury kind, however takes double injury from injury varieties which had been completely different to the final one they took.

Mystic Code:

  • The Mystic Code is an merchandise which holds three stacks of scrolls.
  • Press Shift + Proper Click on to open the stock.
  • Press Y (configurable keybind) to modify between the scrolls.
  • Press/maintain proper click on to make use of the presently chosen scroll.
  • (Notice: As is the case with a stack of projection scrolls, memorizing an merchandise for projection with the mystic code will memorize it for the complete stack, not only for one scroll.)

The Fae:

  • The Fae are spirit like creatures which spawn close to Leylines. Their laughter feels like bells, they comply with different residing issues (and one another) they usually drop Fae Essence upon dying. The Fae can solely be seen with the Mystic Eyes of Fay Sight.
  • The Fae are additionally breedable by feeding them any powdered catalyst.
  • (The spawn charge is configurable.)


  • Leylines join sure factors all through the world. They are often seen with the Mystic Eyes of Fay Sight spell. Being close to a leyline or a leypoint will increase mana regeneration based mostly on a share of your most mana. The Fae additionally spawn close to Leylines.

Fae Essence:

  • Fae Essence is dropped by the Fae. Proper clicking will place a fay circle. Fay circles have a number of features when used like regular blood circles:
  • – scrolls created with a fay circle might be usable by anybody, so long as that somebody has mana. Not like regular scrolls, they aren’t certain to the participant. Merely proper click on a spell fabric with Fae Essence in hand to make the most of this perform.
  • – stationary boundaries and different circles (ascension, for instance) created with a fay circle will be claimed and utilized by anybody. Declare a fay circle by proper clicking it. This lets you grow to be its “proprietor” and it’ll search mana from you as a way to perform.
  • – most significantly, Fae essence doesn’t rely closely on the consumer, permitting for potential automation of scroll creation by way of mechanical customers and the like. (Notice: For mechanical customers, Fae Essence ought to use “Use Merchandise on Block” and Catalysts ought to use “Activate Block with Merchandise”.)

Mana Circuits:

  • Mana circuits are blocks which retailer mana. This mana can be utilized by the participant when close by, so long as the participant owns the block. Whoever proper clicks a mana circuit first after it was positioned owns the block.
  • Proper click on a mana circuit to place mana into it.
  • Shift proper click on a mana circuit to show it on or off.
  • Scrolls can use close by (on) mana circuits that belong to the participant.
  • Boundaries can use close by (on) mana circuits which belong to the proprietor of the boundary, even when the participant is just not logged on.
  • Gamers can cost gems utilizing close by mana circuits which belong to them.
  • There are two variants of the Mana Circuit – by default, there isn’t any profit to utilizing both, solely aesthetics. They are often configured to have completely different storage capacities.

Mahoujin Projector:

  • This block is only ornamental. You may create magic circles for adorning your base. Proper-click the block to vary the angle, shade, rotation velocity, whether or not the circle/ring present, and so on. Fully customizable! The bottom block is invisible, so keep in mind the place you set it if you wish to modify/eliminate it.
  • You can even load photos from a URL. To do that:
  • 1) Go to the config (on the server) and below different, search for the “Magic Circle URLs” config. It will likely be a listing. Paste any hyperlinks you need right here.
  • 2) Place a mahoujin projector and set the Magic Circle Index to the index of the listing, beginning with [0,1,2,3..]
  • 3) For greatest outcomes, make sure that your picture has transparency and is totally white, so the colours can shade it correctly.


Minecraft Forge

Find out how to set up:

  • Be sure to have already put in Minecraft Forge.
  • Find the minecraft utility folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, kind %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the prime menu bar. Open the folder Software Help and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you might have simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • Whenever you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button it is best to now see the mod is put in.

Mahou Tsukai Mod Download Links:

Minecraft Mahou Tsukai Mod All Version DOWNLOAD


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