Minecraft Mod 1.15 New Incoming Blocks


Minecraft Mod 1.15 New Incoming Blocks

Minecraft 1.15 New Incoming Blocks

Greetings to everyone from the buzzing forests of Minecraft Forum Gamer visitors and followers. In this topic, I will introduce you delicious and new blocks. As we know, buzzing chubby bees have been added to the game with the 1.15 update. In addition to these bees, new blocks were added. Let’s take a look at these blocks.


These beehives are perfect for playing in survival mode. A beehive can host up to 3 bees.

Now that we have made our bee hive, let’s come to what it does. Bees collecting pollen fly towards beehives and begin to make honey. When the bees are done, the honey level in the hive rises to 1. When the honey level in the hive is 5, the hive looks as follows.

Now it’s time to get our honey. We can buy 3 honey using scissors. Likewise, if we right-click the empty bottle and the bottle, the bottle will be filled with honey. Now there are bee nests.

2-Bee Nest

Bee nests do not have a production recipe. In order to manually create seedlings, the oak or birch sapling must have a flower around 2 blocks. Bees start attacking you when you break the bee nests with a silky-touch pickaxe. If you break the bee nests with a silky pickaxe, you can win 1 honey.

3- Honey block

Honey blocks function almost the same as slime blocks. Honey blocks can also stick to the blocks.

It is made from 4 honey-filled bottles and looks delicious.

4-Honeycomb Block

It is a decoration block. It can be produced with 4 honeycombs.

Thank you for reading the location. I hope the information I provided has worked for you. I wish you a good day.


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