Minecraft WG Throw


Minecraft WG Throw

Hello, I will show you how to throw WG in Minecraft if there are friends who do not know.
First of all, with the wooden ax you received – you can obtain it by typing // wand – you have to specify the area you want to wg with the left click the first time, and the right click the second time.

Then, with the // expand vert command, you ensure that the upper and lower part of the region you select is included in the wglen place. The next step is to assign a name to the place to be wg with / region define [name]. Let’s take the assigned name as spawn. After typing / region define spawn, you make the region unbreakable with the / region flag spawn build deny command, that is, you assign wg to the region. Additionally, if you want to turn off pvp in the region, you can use the / region flag spawn pvp deny command. I’m happy if I did any help 🙂
1) Determine the area with a wooden ax.
2) // expand vert
3) / rg define [name]
4) / rg flag [name] build deny


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