Minecraft No Tree Punching Mod 1.12.2


Minecraft No Tree Punching Mod 1.12.2 (A bit of Realism to the Early Game) is a Minecraft mod meant so as to add a bit of extra believability to your first couple of minutes of minecraft play. It additionally provides the additional problem that whenever you break a block with the unsuitable instrument, it takes for much longer to mine, and gained’t drop something. Two new instruments, Knives and Mattocks are added to assist cope with this requirement. Quite a lot of options are closely impressed by the unique TerraFirmaCraft.

This mod makes use of JEI’s data function as a way of documentation, in addition to the web wiki. It contains full JEI recipe viewing help, in addition to Craft Tweaker integration for customized recipe adjustments.


  • Blocks should be damaged with the right instrument to get a drop.
  • Blocks will take longer when not damaged with the right instrument.
  • Steel pickaxes will drop objects from filth kind supplies.
  • Provides Crude Pickaxe, Shovel, and Axe.
  • Provides Saws, and Mattocks.
  • Firestarter and Firepit.
  • Cobblestone for all of the stone variants, together with these from Quark and Rustic.
  • Stones will seem primarily based on the underground materials (ideally used with Quark revamped stone gen or comparable).

Screenshots and Crafting Recipes:


A bellows is a compressible sack of air used to forge oxygen into the Forge / Blast Furnace.

The aspect with the darkish gap is the place the air comes out. This should be positioned in opposition to a Tuyere or a Blast Furnace block for the bellows to work correctly. To compress the bellows, provide a redstone sign. The bellows will compress when it first receives a sign, and develop when it now not does.

Blast Furnace

The blast furnace is used to show iron into metal. It’s a small expandable multiblock construction.

To begin, you want the blast furnace block. Proper clicking will open the GUI, displaying the present temperature, charcoal, and enter and output slots. So as to add charcoal, it should be positioned as much as three blocks above the blast furnace, and surrounded in a ‘+’ form by strong stone kind blocks. Beneath is an instance of a most dimension blast furnace (there’s three layers of charcoal contained in the stone bricks.)

To gentle the blast furnace, proper click on with a flint and metal or firestarter. It can begin to devour charcoal, heating up because it does so. So as to add further warmth, place a bellows, dealing with into the blast furnace block and toggle it.

Charcoal Forge

The charcoal forge is a strategy to attain excessive sufficient temperatures to smelt ores into ingots. To create it, place at the least one charcoal in a Charcoal Pile. Then encompass it on all 4 horizontal sides with stone kind blocks. Lastly, gentle the forge by proper clicking it with a Fireplace starter or Flint and Metal.

A forge will slowly devour charcoal whereas burning. It can additionally slowly enhance in temperature, seen by the temperature gauge to the left of the GUI. When it reaches a excessive sufficient temperature, it should begin smelting objects within the enter (left) slot and place them within the output (proper) slot. The charcoal bar on the backside reveals how a lot gasoline is remaining within the charcoal pile.

If the charcoal pile turns into low, the forge has an opportunity to burn out when attempting to devour extra gasoline. To keep away from this, preserve the forge stuffed with charcoal whereas it’s burning.

Charcoal forges will begin changing ore into ingots once they attain a sure temperature. The temperature required for every ore / metallic is totally different relying on the metallic. You possibly can see the required temperature in JEI when trying on the recipe. Beneath are the temperatures required for widespread modded metallic ores.

  • 300 °C – Tin
  • 400 °C – Lead, Zinc
  • 700 °C – Aluminium
  • 900 °C – Silver
  • 950 °C – Bronze
  • 1000 °C – Copper – Word that temperatures better than 1000 °C require a Tuyere
  • 1100 °C – Gold
  • 1400 °C – Nickel
  • 1500 °C – Iron

Flint Shards

Flint Shards are required to create most crude instruments, together with a hearth starter. To create them, proper click on with a bit of flint on a stone floor (akin to an uncovered piece of rock). You’ll hear the rock crack, and probably break into two flint shards.

Flint (Crude) Instruments

Flint instruments are all made with flint shards, sticks, and plant string. They’re the primary instrument you might be more likely to get hold of.

Flint instruments have the identical mining stage as a wood instrument, and are nearly as sluggish as mining by hand (aside from the wrong instrument slowness multiplier). There are at present 4 flint instruments (above, from left to proper): Crude Knife, Hatchet, Pickaxe, and Shovel. Of those, the shovel and pickaxe require a crafting desk to create, whereas the knife and hatchet could be made in a 2×2 grid.

Fireplace Pit and Fireplace Starter

A hearth pit is created by throwing some lumber (Any log), some smaller items (three sticks), and a few kindling (plant string) onto a block, then proper clicking and holding with a hearth starter. Smoke particles will seem, after which after a second, the objects can be consumed and a hearth pit will seem.

Fireplace pits give off gentle when lit. Whereas lit, they are going to continuously attempt to burn gasoline, however at a a lot slower charge than a furnace. The draw back is that, being cooler than a furnace, they will’t burn gasoline with a excessive burn time (akin to coal), and are solely capable of cook dinner meals, not smelt ingots or different supplies. They will cook dinner meals at roughly half the pace of a furnace. Moreover, sticks could be burned in a hearth pit to create torches. They are going to burn in a short time.

A hearth pit could be extinguished by proper clicking on it with a bit of sand, or by publicity to rain. A hearth pit could be re-lit by proper clicking on it with a hearth starter, however this requires the hearth pit to have some gasoline in its gasoline slot earlier than it should rekindle.


The grindstone is used to grind objects into dusts or different byproducts. To make use of a grindstone, you have to the grindstone block, and in addition a grinding wheel. Proper click on with the grind wheel, or place it within the prime slot. If the grindstone has a wheel, and a sound enter, proper clicking the highest of the grindstone block will begin it grinding.

The principle use of the grindstone is to grind tin and copper ores into dusts, which might then be blended to create bronze, an predecessor to iron. Nonetheless, it will also be used to create flint shards, dyes, blaze powder, and some different issues.


Knives are one of many new instrument varieties. They perform as low harm swords, and as primary chopping instruments. They’ve a pace modifier in opposition to blocks akin to leaves, and can drop additional objects when breaking plant kind blocks: Leaves have roughly twice the prospect to drop sticks, Tall grass will drop plant fibers.

Knives will also be used to chop materials down. To chop one thing, maintain a knife in a single hand, the merchandise you need to reduce within the different, after which proper click on. If the thing is a sound knife recipe, it is going to be reduce, and the resultant merchandise(s) will drop on the bottom. Use JEI to see the total listing of things that may be reduce with a knife.

Unfastened Rocks

Unfastened Rocks are discovered mendacity on the bottom at random. They seem in several varieties primarily based on the stone instantly underground. (Ideally used with Quark’s Revamped Stone Gen or comparable.)

Stones are available in a couple of plain stone, andesite, diorite, and granite varieties. If Quark is loaded, limestone and marble may have stones. If Rustic is loaded, slate may have a stone variant.

Stones could be damaged with a hand, and drop a small rock merchandise. This may then be positioned again on the bottom.

Stones can be utilized to craft flint shards, by chopping them with a knife. They will also be used to craft their respective cobblestone.

Plant Fibers

Plant Fibers are items of grass or different crops which are used to make a weak string. Three plant fibers will create one plant string within the crafting grid. This string is used to make crude instruments. It will also be used instead of string in lots of recipes.

Plant fibers could be gathered by breaking tall grass, and double tall grass, with any knife. They will also be created from many different types of plant matter by chopping them with a knife. (See Knife Chopping)


A Tuyere is a small pipe, which could be inserted right into a block of cobblestone to supply air to the underside of a Charcoal Forge. To make use of, proper click on on a cobblestone block (of any kind) and the tuyere can be inserted. Breaking the block will drop the tuyere and the unique block.

The tuyere, when performing as a wall to a charcoal forge, will funnel air from a bellows into the forge. A forge with bellows will have the ability to attain max temperature, required to smelt certian metals, and alloys.

With a Tuyere and bellows, a charcoal forge can attain its most temperature of 1500°C. That is required to smelt Iron into ingots, and in addition most alloys.

Picket Gear

Picket gears are crafting elements for quite a lot of different blocks, together with the bellows, grindstone, and grind wheel.

Charcoal Pit

The Charcoal pit isn’t a block. Moderately, it’s a means of making charcoal from wooden. To begin, you have to a good quantity of logs, some non-flammable, full blocks, and a supply of fireplace (Flint and Metal or a Fireplace starter).

To begin, place your logs in log piles, by shift proper clicking the logs onto the bottom. Every log pile, when opened, can maintain sixteen logs. The extra logs, the extra environment friendly the charcoal pit can be, by way of Charcoal gained per log. On common you’ll be able to anticipate 16 logs to show into 7 ~ eight charcoal.

Subsequent, you must cowl all of your log piles with a non-flammable, full block. If there are any log piles with sides left uncovered, they are going to have a excessive likelihood of bursting into flames through the conversion course of, letting in harmful oxygen that may trigger your charcoal pit flip right into a blazing hearth. That is dangerous.

Depart one area open, and on that log, proper click on with a Fireplace starter or Flint and Metal. This may gentle the charcoal pit on hearth. Instantly after it lights, cowl the uncovered log pile with some extra blocks. If in case you have executed every little thing accurately, you must see smoke begin to percolate upwards via your cowl blocks.

After smoke stops showing, and the charcoal pit stops making a burning sound, you’ll be able to dig it up, and retrieve the precious charcoal beneath.

Vanilla Modifications

Block Breaking Modifications

When breaking blocks together with your fists, or the wrong instrument, blocks will take slower to mine, and never drop something. The multiplier for the mining pace is predicated on the efficient instrument:

  • pickaxe = 8x
  • axe = 5x
  • shovel / default modifier = 3x

There are exceptions to this rule. Leaves, gravel, and rocks will at all times drop when damaged together with your arms. Additionally, any block could be set to override this function through the config setting BREAKABLE.

Modified Block Drops

There are a couple of additional drops that may be obtained with no instrument. These are the next:

  • Leaves: Has a 20% likelihood of dropping a stick, elevated to 50% when utilizing a knife
  • Tall Grass: Has a 70% likelihood of dropping plant fibers.
  • Stone / Andesite / Granite / Diorite: Will drop three rocks when mined with a pickaxe as an alternative of the block or cobblestone

Modified Recipes

  • Quite a lot of recipes have been eliminated or modified. These embrace: All wood and stone instruments, crafting logs into planks and planks into sticks. NoTreePunching will even attempt to take away wooden conversion recipes from Biome o A lot, Traverse, and Rustic, if they’re loaded.

Getting Began:

  • When beginning a brand new world, there are a couple of duties you have to to finish. Discover and punch some gravel to get flint by a river or lake, decide up some rocks mendacity on the bottom, and break leaves to get some sticks, and in addition discover some uncovered stone. That is all you have to to get began.
  • Begin proper clicking your flint on a bit of stone. Ultimately it’d break into flint shards, which you need to use to craft a flint knife. Knives can be utilized for 2 predominant issues: They will reduce plant materials for additional drops (Leaves drop extra sticks, and lengthy grass can drop plant fibers). They will also be used to chop objects down. To chop an merchandise, maintain a knife in a single hand and the merchandise to be reduce within the different, after which proper click on.
  • The very first thing you’ll want to reduce is a few rocks, to make extra flint shards. With sticks, flint, and a few plant fibers now you can make a crude axe. Now you’ll be able to collect some logs. To chop logs down into planks, or extra sticks, it’s a must to use your axe within the crafting grid.
  • With a crafting desk you can also make your self a crude shovel and pickaxe, and put together to go mining. Word that stone will break into smaller stone items, which you could piece again collectively to make cobblestone. You may as well make a comfortable firepit, made by tossing three sticks, plant string, and a log and clicking and holding with a hearth starter. These can be utilized to cook dinner meals, and in addition make simple torches.


Minecraft Forge

The right way to set up:

  • Be sure you have already put in Minecraft Forge.
  • Find the minecraft utility folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, kind %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the prime menu bar. Open the folder Software Assist and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you have got simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • Once you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button you must now see the mod is put in.

No Tree Punching Mod Download Links:

Minecraft No Tree Punching Mod All Version – DOWNLOAD


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