Progressive Bosses Mod 1.15.2


Progressive Bosses Mod 1.15.2/1.51./1.14.4 (Hardcore Ender Dragon and Wither) makes Wither and Ender Dragon more durable as extra you kill. That is absolutely suitable with multiplayer since it can consider all of the gamers’ statistics.



  • In single-player, the mod is straight ahead. Each Wither or Dragon (‘Problem’ for the remainder of the outline) that the participant kills and spawns will rely in direction of a more durable Wither or Dragon the subsequent time they’re spawned.
  • In multiplayer, the mod takes under consideration the Problem of each participant, so when the Wither or Dragon are spawned, makes a median (or configurable to make a sum, so is method more durable) between the Problem of each participant within the radius.
  • Virtually all the pieces is configurable. Examine the config beneath.


  • Each Wither spawned will improve the Problem for gamers across the Wither in a 96 block radius
  • Can have 10 extra well being for every Problem
  • Regenerates 0.05 extra well being per second per Problem. As much as a most of 1 extra well being per second. That is additive to the bottom Well being regen Withers have.
  • Can have 0.25 armor factors per Problem, as much as a most of 10
  • At Problem=1 (so after the primary Wither), the Wither will spawn Wither’s Minions (Wither Skeletons) throughout the battle; after that, every 2 Problem, yet another Minion will spawn (as much as eight Minions).
    Wither’s Minions are spawned randomly each 10 to 20 seconds. The minimal cooldown time (10 seconds) is diminished based mostly off Wither’s lacking well being all the way down to a minimal of 25% (2.5 seconds).
    Have 20 well being (10 hearts) however every issue will increase the well being by 1.
    Are fairly brave than their Nether Cousins since aren’t afraid of the Solar and Wolfes and can assault any Dwelling entity round (just like the Wither does).
    These Minions drop nothing however 1 XP Level.
  • Rewards:
  • Drops 10% extra expertise per Problem.
  • Has 2% likelihood to drop a Nether Star Shard per Problem, as much as 50% likelihood.
    Nether Star Shards can be utilized to duplicate nether stars (1 nether star + eight nether star shard = 2 nether stars).
    Each 2 Problem, there’s the above likelihood to get one other shard drop. As much as eight shards.
    E.g. At 10 Problem the Wither may have 20% likelihood to drop a shard, one other 20% likelihood to drop a second one, and so forth. as much as 6 occasions.

Ender Dragon:

  • Each Ender Dragon killed will improve the Problem for all Gamers in the primary island
  • Can cost the participant even when not leaving the Middle Platform.
    The prospect to cost the participant is given by the Problem and the remaining Ender Crystals:The prospect (every tick that the Ender Dragon is flying round doing nothing) for the Dragon to cost the Participant is the same as(0.5 / 23) * Problem * (1 / remaining_crystals)So at Dragon quantity 24 when there are not any extra crystals the possibility every tick to assault the participant is 0.5%
  • Offers 15% extra injury per Problem. (Even with any buff potential within the recreation an Ender Dragon with Problem=82 can one-shot you, she offers about 200 well being of harm)
  • Has 10 extra well being per Problem
  • Regenerates 0.025 well being per second per Problem. As much as a most of 0.5 well being per second
  • Has 0.25 armor factors per Problem, as much as a most of two.5
  • At Problem=1, the Ender Dragon will spawn Dragon’s Larvae (Endermites) throughout the battle; each different Problem the Ender Dragon will spawn yet another larva (as much as 6 larvae).
    Can sense Gamers from 64 blocks even trough blocks.
    Dragon’s Larvae are quicker than endermites.
    Drop only one XP Level.
  • At Problem=2, the Ender Dragon will spawn Dragon’s Minion (Black Shulkers) across the middle of the island.
    Can sense Gamers from 96 blocks even trough blocks, however their assaults are slower than Finish Cities Shulkers
    Dragon’s Minions drop solely 2 XP Factors.
  • Rewards:
  • Drops 10% extra expertise per Problem.
  • Will all the time drop the egg if the participant fought him for the primary time. If extra gamers have killed the dragon for the primary time the dragon will drop as many eggs because the variety of gamers.
  • If at the least one participant is current that killed the dragon for the primary time the dragon will drop the primary dragon quantity of expertise (12ok). So at any time when a brand new participant spawns the dragon he’ll battle him prefer it’s the primary time.


There’s a command that permit the participant get or set the variety of killed dragons / spawned withers.

  • /progressivebosses getprints the participant spawned and killed bosses.
  • /progressivebosses set <wither|dragon>units the participant killed or spawned bosses.


There’s a command that let the player get or set the number of killed dragons / spawned withers.

  • /progressivebosses getprints the player spawned and killed bosses.
  • /progressivebosses set <wither|dragon>sets the player killed or spawned bosses.


Minecraft Forge

The best way to set up:

  • Be sure you have already put in Minecraft Forge.
  • Find the minecraft utility folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, kind %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the prime menu bar. Open the folder Software Help and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you will have simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • While you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button you must now see the mod is put in.

Progressive Bosses Mod links:

Progressive Bosses Mod ALL Version DOWNLOAD


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