Minecraft Rediscovered Mod 1.15.2


Minecraft Rediscovered Mod 1.15.2/1.15.1/1.14.4 (Secret Minecraft Features)  provides particular hidden options to Minecraft. This mod provides in options to Minecraft that had been initially within the code, however by no means applied. You’ll find new blocks, traps, furnishings, mobs, villagers, a brand new dimension, and even the Crimson Ender Dragon.

The aim of this modification is so as to add in something that has been unused, unimplemented, or faraway from Minecraft’s recordsdata. It covers all kinds of matters that might have made it into the vanilla recreation however sadly, didn’t.

There are lots of different neat new, albeit previous, additions that include this mod. Whereas most of those have most likely been scrapped for good, some could also be added in later variations of the official recreation however till that occurs, this mod appears to be your greatest wager for taking part in round with enjoyable objects that you might have by no means seen earlier than.

Crying Obsidian

A block initially used to set your spawn level. It doesn’t do something on this mod but however it’s going to sooner or later.

Previous Sponge

A block initially used suck up water. It’s going to take in all water blocks inside a 5x5x5 space. To not be confused with the sponges added in 1.8, this sponge won’t cease absorbing water. On this mod, they generate naturally in oceans in teams of 5-6 and won’t suck up water till positioned.


These had been an unique thought to make blocks that produce a form of electrical present, however had been changed in favor of redstone. On this mod, they supply a redstone present to all blocks round them and can rotate.


These had been Notch’s thought of changing torches. Initially, he would have made torches extinguish after a sure period of time, and made lanterns a supply of everlasting gentle. Because of the overwhelming damaging response, he determined to not implement them and preserve issues the way in which they had been. On this mod, they supply a supply of sunshine and can emit gentle round a participant if held within the hotbar.

Dust Slabs

These had been the unique slab. Notch used these to check how slabs would work earlier than he added the wooden and stone ones now we have at this time.

Tables, Chairs and Lecterns

These are items of furnishings that at one level had sprites in Minecrafts recordsdata. Their unique p

Locked Chest

The April Fools joke of 2011, these chests would ask you should you want to go to the “Minecraft Retailer” so as to purchase a key to open it. On this mod, it does the identical, linking you to the April Fools Minecraft Retailer webpage.


These had been an thought to be added to pistons so as to make them pull blocks earlier than Jeb considered sticky pistons. On this mod, they damage the participant when touched for two hearts of injury (Four occasions as a lot as cactus) and may be positioned sideways. Good for traps.


An thought mentioned by the Mojang crew. Initially thought to draw monsters. Within the mod, they entice zombies which can try to interrupt the scarecrow. Passive mobs will attempt to keep away from them.

Quiver and Previous Bow Mechanic

This was an unused sprite in Minecraft’s recreation recordsdata. It had no actual function, however on this mod, when worn on the again like a chestplate it offers the participant the flexibility to rapid-fire arrows like within the variations of Minecraft earlier than Beta 1.8. It can be crafted with armor to mix the safety of armor with the quiver rapid-fire mechanic.

Leather-based-Chain Armor

Initially unused sprites in Minecraft, it’s assumed that it could have given the participant the safety of chain armor and leather-based armor mixed. On this mod, it does simply that. Crafted from combining a bit of leather-based armor and the respective piece of chainmail armor.

Unused Potion Results

There are just a few potion results in Minecraft that may solely be obtained by instructions. This mod makes them obtainable in survival mode. There’s a Potion of Nausea (Awkward potion and Rotten Flesh in crafting), Potion of Sluggish Mining (Awkward Potion and Apple), and Potion of Blindness (Awkward Potion and Toxic Potato). Splash potion variations may be made by combining every potion with gunpowder.

Purple Arrow

These had been initially shot by skeletons earlier than Notch modified the feel to be picket. On this mod they’re shot by ranged pigmen and are purely aesthetic

Unused and Eliminated Flowers

Roses (as many might know) was a flower that generated all through the world, however was eliminated. Paeonias are flowers that appeared in a screenshot for the 1.7 “Flower” replace, however by no means had been applied and as an alternative Peony Bushes had been. On this mod, each of those flowers are obtainable by shearing their respective bush. Shearing the bush will drop 1-Three of the respective flower and trigger the bush to turn out to be a sheared model which can develop again its flowers over time.

From left to proper: Paeonia, Peony Bush, Empty Peony Bush, Empty Rose Bush, Rose Bush, Rose


These creatures had been going to be added within the 2010 Halloween Replace, however Notch by no means bought round to it and solely ended up including the merchandise. On this mod, you will discover them swimming round in oceans and lakes. When killed, they drop one fish merchandise. Can be utilized as a extra aggressive solution to fish or just for an atmospheric element.

Undead Horses

These horses are nonetheless within the video games code, however do nothing and may solely be discovered by spawning them in. This mod revamps them to spawn at night time, be hostile to the participant, and assault residing horses, In the event you plan on taming a horse, ensure to guard it from these monsters.


Unused in Minecraft’s code, these can solely be spawned in with instructions. On this mod, they seem within the Sky Dimension (Extra additional down) as hostile mobs. They drop 1-2 golden apples when killed and really hardly ever a brilliant golden apple (the one made with gold blocks).

Pigmen and Inexperienced Villager

Pigmen had been initially going to inhabit the vanilla villages till somebody at Mojang determined cavemen squidwards had been higher. The Inexperienced Villager is a default model of regular villagers and doesn’t usually spawn. On this mod, Pigmen spawn in their very own Pigmen villages within the Sky Dimension (extra on that additional down) and are holding a Inexperienced villager hostage! If you’ll be able to get previous the Pigmen guards, you may make EXCELLENT trades (They typically commerce for rubies (see beneath), just like how Villagers commerce for emeralds.)

Rana, Steve, Black Steve, and Beast Boy

Made by Dock who used to work at Mojang, these had been random mobs that he added for god is aware of what purpose. On this mod, one in all every spawns in Pigmen villages within the Sky Dimension (Extra on that additional down) and are all hostile aside from Rana. Steve, Black Steve, and Beast Boy drop an assortment of things, from feathers, to gunpowder, to string, to very hardly ever flint and metal. Rana drops 1-2 apples

Crimson Dragon

Talked about by members of the Mojang crew, this purple model of the ender dragon would have spawned within the Overworld and can be tamable. On this mod, they spawn within the Sky Dimension so as to trigger havoc and make it a bit extra fascinating (Extra on that beneath). They drop 1 Crimson Dragon egg which can be utilized to summon one other dragon. For the long run I’ve plans to make the hatched purple dragon tamed.

Ruby Ore

Ruby ore may be discovered all through the overworld beneath degree 32, about as uncommon as gold. The ore drops rubies (Fortune degree applies) which can be utilized to commerce with Pigmen within the Sky Dimension or make into Ruby Blocks. (Ruby instruments had been by no means confirmed by anybody at Mojang, subsequently they won’t be added to this mod. Although the rubies on this mod are Ore Dictionary suitable, which means if one other mod provides ruby instruments, you may make them out of the rubies from this mod if you want.)

Cherry Bushes

Cherry Bushes had been talked about to be added within the 1.7 “World-Altering” Replace, however by no means had been. On this mod, Cherry timber generate within the Sky Dimension.

Sky Dimension

A land stuffed with thriller and surprise! This dimension was being performed round with by Notch, earlier than scrapping it and reusing the code to make The Finish. It was rumored that Jeb can be persevering with work on it, however he has stated that there are at present no plans to reimplement it. Initially, Notch needed the Sky Dimension to be a type of “Dream World” and that you’d randomly be despatched there whenever you sleep. You’d then acquire an merchandise that may mean you can go there at any time. On this mod, the Sky Dimension does all this and extra.

There’s a random likelihood whenever you sleep in a mattress (changeable within the config) that you’ll be despatched to the Sky Dimension. Once you do, you’ll seem in a small home with a mattress, chair, desk, and hearth. As soon as within the dimension, you’ll be able to sleep or fall off the sting to return to the mattress you slept at within the overworld. However you most likely don’t wish to do that in your first go to. Attempt to discover a pigmen village. In the event you do and handle to struggle your solution to a loot chest hidden inside it, you will discover a Dream Pillow.

Be warned although: Giants and Crimson dragons spawn all through the Sky Dimension to hunt you down. It’s not as secure a spot as it could appear.


Minecraft Forge

Find out how to set up:

  • Ensure you have already put in Minecraft Forge.
  • Find the minecraft utility folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, sort %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the high menu bar. Open the folder Utility Help and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you have got simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • Once you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button you must now see the mod is put in.

Rediscovered Mod Download Links:

Minecraft Rediscovered Mod All Version – DOWNLOAD


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