Minecraft The Bumblezone Mod 1.16.3/1.16.2/1.15.2


Minecraft The Bumblezone Mod 1.16.3/1.16.2/1.15.2/1.51.1 (“UnBEElievable” Dimension) provides an “unBEElievable” dimension stuffed with bees that turns into actually indignant if you happen to take their honey!.

The Bumblezone is a dimension crammed with Honeycomb Blocks, Honey Blocks, and a brand new Porous Honeycomb Block that may be crammed with Honey! The dimension itself seems to be like it’s the within a bee nest! You will discover big partitions in rows with canals of water between them together with big columns offering assist to the ceiling throughout. The partitions and columns are riddled with honeycomb holes. By default, touring a block on this dimension is similar as touring 10 blocks within the Overworld. (A motion issue of 10. For reference, the Nether has a motion issue of eight so touring a block within the Nether is similar as touring eight blocks in Overworld).

However that isn’t all! Inside the dimension, bees are extraordinarily protecting of their honey. If you happen to decide up a Honey Block, take honey from a Crammed Porous Honeycomb block with a Glass Bottle, otherwise you drink a Honey Bottle, all bees round you’re going to get a velocity, absorption, and power potion impact and can develop into VERY indignant at you! You’ll know you’re in DEEP hassle once you get the Wrath of the Hive icon displaying you bought that impact and the fog within the dimension develop into extra crimson! The bee will swarm you want loopy and can kill you until you come very nicely ready. A full set of unenchanted Diamond gear is not going to be sufficient. (however you’ll be able to nerf the bees within the config if you happen to discover them too robust or buff them if you wish to die!) Additionally, with the Crammed Porous Honeycomb block, as soon as you are taking honey from it, it turns right into a Porous Honeycomb block however you should utilize a Honey Bottle on it to refill it again to being a Crammed Porous Honeycomb block!

How you can enter this world?

Coming into the dimension is tremendous simple! Simply throw an Enderpearl at a Bee Nest to enter inside it and spawn into the dimension. To teleport out of the dimension, you’ll be able to both dig down and fall under Y = 0 (don’t fear, you gained’t die as I made positive of that) or climb your method to above Y = 256. The mod will see you are attempting to depart and it’ll take your coordinates in The Bumblezone, convert it to the proper coordinate within the authentic dimension you got here from and can attempt to place you in that dimension close to a Bee Nest (or it’ll create a brand new Bee Nest to put you subsequent to if you happen to doesn’t discover a Bee Nest already). By regular use, you can’t use the mod to leap between dimensions however you should utilize it to journey lengthy distances in any dimension you need. Simply make sure you enter The Bumblezone from the dimension you need to quick journey in after which exiting The Bumblezone will put you again into that dimension.

Throwing an Enderpearl at a Bee Nest is the way you enter this dimension.


To succeed in this mod’s config file, go into your world’s save folder, open the serverconfig folder, and edit the the_bumblezone-server.toml file to alter the config. The config is saved on a per-world foundation so the configs in a single world mustn’t have an effect on one other world. (Additionally, if you wish to reuse the identical config for future worlds, copy the config file and paste it within the defaultconfigs folder which is exterior the world’s save folders. Now future worlds will copy that config file and its settings into their very own serverconfig folder!)

There are 12 config choices at the moment for the mod. The primary four impacts the dimension and allows you to management whether or not the dimension has a day/evening cycle (that matches the Overworld’s cycle), how vivid the fog is, what the motion issue of the dimension is, and whether or not exiting the dimension will at all times place you again at Overworld as a substitute of earlier dimension you got here from. The eight different configs permits you to customise the Wrath of the Hive impact so you’ll be able to change how lengthy it lasts, how far bees needs to be to be angered and boosted, how robust the results given to bees are, whether or not Wrath of the Hive might be triggered exterior The Bumblezone, present particles of the impact, or simply flip off the impact fully. A number of choices!

As soon as contained in the dimension, it’s fairly enjoyable to discover the tremendous cool terrain! Simply watch your step as falling is harmful at these heights!

The dimension has many partitions crammed with holes which might be aligned to an axis. It’s just like the layers that bees make in beehives!

If you happen to use a Glass Bottle on Crammed Porous Honeycomb Blocks, you will get honey from it however will anger bees! You will discover the blocks across the water at backside of world or within the holes in partitions. If you happen to use Honey Bottle on an empty block, it’ll refill it!

Here’s what occurred shortly after the earlier picture! All bees inside 64 blocks of you turned indignant and swarmed you with Pace 1, Absorption 2, and Energy 3. You died afterward

A second encounter you had with a swarm of bees after you picked up some Honey Blocks. You’re in peril!. Discover the Wrath of the Swarm icon within the high left nook that alerts when bees have the impact enhance.


Minecraft Forge

Material API

Material Modloader

How you can set up:

  • Be sure you have already put in Minecraft Forge (or Material Modloader).
  • Find the minecraft utility folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, kind %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the high menu bar. Open the folder Software Help and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you could have simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • Once you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button you need to now see the mod is put in.

The Bumblezone Mod Download Links:

Minecraft The Bumblezone Mod 1.16.2 – DOWNLOAD

Minecraft The Bumblezone Mod 1.15.2 – DOWNLOAD

Minecraft The Bumblezone Mod All Version DOWNLOAD


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