Minecraft Tweakeroo Mod 1.16.3/1.16.2


Minecraft Tweakeroo Mod 1.16.3/1.16.2/1.15.2/1.15.1/1.14.4 (Hand Restock, Hotbar Swap)  is a client-side mod, which provides a complete bunch of assorted completely different “tweaks” to the sport, corresponding to hand restock, hotbar swap/cycle, versatile/quick block placement, and many others. At the moment, it’s written for LiteLoader on Minecraft 1.12.x, and for Material on 1.14.x.


The presently carried out tweaks are:

  • Correct Block Placement – Permits putting blocks in a given orientation on carpet mod servers
  • After Clicker – Allows an “after clicker” tweak, which does a configurable variety of automated proper clicks on the just-placed block. Helpful for instance for putting Repeaters seemingly immediately with a sure delay pre-set.
  • Angel Block – (Inventive solely) permits putting blocks in mid-air
  • Explosion decreased particles – Makes use of a smaller and fewer obstructive explosion particle for big explosions
  • Quick Block Placement – Allows quick/handy block placement when transferring the cursor over new blocks. Has completely different modes for avoiding undesirable block placements.
  • Quick Left Click on – Allows automated quick left-clicking whereas holding down the assault button (left-click). The variety of clicks per recreation tick is about within the Generic configs.
  • Quick Proper Click on – Allows automated quick right-clicking whereas holding down the use button (right-click). The variety of clicks per recreation tick is about within the Generic configs.
  • Fill/Clone restrict change – Permits altering the /fill and /clone command block limits in single participant
  • Versatile Block Placement – Allows putting blocks in numerous orientations whereas holding down the activation keybind. For instance Hoppers or Logs dealing with in a unique course than what they might when positioned usually.
  • Gamma Override – Overrides the video settings gamma worth with the one set within the Generic configs.
  • Hand Restock – Swaps a brand new stack to the principle or offhand when the earlier stack runs out.
  • Maintain Assault – Simulates holding down the assault button (often left click on)
  • Maintain Use – Simulates holding down the use button (often right-click)
  • Hotbar Scroll – Permits swapping the hotbar with a list row (just like Hotbar Swap)
  • Hotbar Slot Cycle – Cycles the chosen hotbar slot after utilizing an merchandise. Has a configurable most slot quantity. Helpful for constructing repeating block patterns.
  • Hotbar Swap – Allows swapping the hotbar with any of the three stock rows. Has a preview of the stock when a secret’s held.
  • Stock Preview – Allows a list preview whereas having the cursor over a block with a list or an entity with a list and holding the configured modifier key for it. NOTE: This, sadly (largely) solely works in single-player, and presently not with any Forge IItemHandler inventories, since this can be a Liteloader mod and doesn’t know in regards to the Forge stuff.
  • Merchandise Unstacking Safety – If enabled, then gadgets configured in Lists -> unstackingItems gained’t be allowed to spill out when utilizing. That is meant for instance to stop throwing buckets into lava when filling them.
  • Lava Visibility – If enabled and the participant has a Respiration helmet and/or Water Respiration potion impact lively, then the lava fog is vastly decreased.
  • Map Preview – Reveals a preview of vanilla maps in inventories, whenever you maintain shift whereas hovering the merchandise
  • Motion Keys Final – If enabled, then reverse motion keys gained’t cancel one another, however as a substitute the final pressed secret’s the lively enter.
  • No Block Breaking Particles – Removes block-breaking particles
  • No Consumer Entity Updates – Removes all (non-player) entity updates on the client-side. Might help bein gable to repair stuff if there are an enormous variety of entities on this planet for some purpose.
  • No Entity Rendering – Disables ALL besides participant entities from rendering. Might help sort things if there are an enormous variety of entities on this planet.
  • No Falling Block Entity Rendering – If enabled, then falling block entities gained’t be rendered in any respect. Primarily helpful for big contraptions with large quantities of falling block entities, which might decrease the FPS when rendered.
  • No Merchandise Swap Render Cooldown – If enabled, then there gained’t be any cooldown/equip animation when switching the held merchandise or utilizing the merchandise.
  • No Gentle Updates – If enabled, disables client-side gentle updates. This will help client-side efficiency when a lot of blocks are altering always, for instance with massive vanilla slime block flying machines.
  • No Gentle Updates All – Much more aggressive companion to the opposite No Gentle Updates tweak. Observe that this one will even forestall any client-side chunk heightmap updates or gentle re-calculations.
  • No Portal Gui Closing – Permits opening the stock GUI even whereas standing in a Nether portal
  • No Slime Block Slowdown – Removes the slowdown impact and slipperiness from slime blocks on the client-side. Observe that this additionally impacts different entities in single participant!
  • Everlasting Sneak – Makes the participant sneak with out having to carry down the sneak key
  • Choose Earlier than Place – If enabled, then the focused block that you’re putting blocks towards, is switched at hand (if discovered within the stock) earlier than putting/utilizing the merchandise.
  • Placement Grid – Permits proscribing block placement to a grid, with configurable measurement. NOTE: At the moment this solely works correctly with the Quick Placement tweak enabled.
  • Placement Restrict – Permits proscribing the blocks you’ll be able to place to a configurable most quantity, per use/right-click motion
  • Placement Restriction – Permits proscribing the block placement to a given “sample”, corresponding to Airplane, Line, Face, Column, Diagonal. That is what the Quick Block Placement mode makes use of internally, separated to a separate tweak that can be utilized with out the quick placement half.
  • Placement Restriction First – Permits restriction block placement to solely occur whereas concentrating on the identical kind of block that you simply initially click on on
  • Placement Restriction Hand – Permits proscribing block placement to solely occur if you end up concentrating on the identical block that you’re holding
  • Participant Stock Peek – Allows a participant stock peek/preview, whereas holding the configured activation key for it.
  • Potion Warning – Prints a warning within the hotbar message slot when potion results are about to expire
  • Print Loss of life Coordinates – Prints the participant’s coordinates to talk upon loss of life
  • Take away personal potion results – Removes the potions impact particles from the participant itself
  • Render Invisible Entities – Renders invisible entities translucent (the identical approach they might render for those who had been in spectator mode)
  • Render Restrict Entities – Permits limiting the variety of XP Orb and Merchandise Entities which can be rendered. Can considerably assist the FPS if there are a variety of these entities on this planet.
  • Restore Mode – Swaps broken gadgets with Mending on them to the participant’s hand, permitting routinely repairing them whereas standing in an XP farm
  • Shulker Field Show – Renders the contents of Shulker Bins (and likewise all different vanilla blocks with inventories) whereas hovering over the merchandise and holding shift
  • Shulker Bins Stack when empty – Allows empty Shulker Bins stacking as much as 64. NOTE: This solely works correctly in single participant! In multiplayer the server must have the identical performance enabled by another mod, in any other case, you get de-synced inventories when transferring round stacked Shulker Bins!
  • Swap Virtually Damaged Instruments – If enabled, then any damageable gadgets held within the hand which can be about for use and that are about to interrupt can be swapped to ones with sturdiness left.
  • Tab Full Coordinates – Once you use tab-completion in instructions whereas not taking a look at a block, makes use of the participant’s coordinates as a substitute of inputting the ‘~’ character


Material Modloader (for 1.14.x)

Material API (for 1.14.x)

LiteLoader (for 1.12.x)


Tips on how to set up:

  • Obtain and Set up Minecraft Launcher Vanilla
  • Obtain and Set up Material Installer for Vanilla Launcher
  • Run lately downloaded .jar file, select the model you need and press “Set up.”
  • Run Minecraft, choose the profile with Material put in and press Play
  • Press Begin on Desktop
  • Select Run
  • Sort %appdata% onto Run and press Enter.
  • Goes into Roaming/.minecraft/mods
  • Put the jar. Information onto the mod folder and run Minecraft.

Tweakeroo Mod Download Links:

Minecraft Tweakeroo Mod All VersionDOWNLOAD


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