Minecraft Ultimate Car Mod 1.16.3/1.16.1/1.16.2


Minecraft Ultimate Car Mod 1.16.3/1.16.2 / 1.16.1 / 1.15.2/1.14.4 (Design Your Own Streets and Be Creative) brings vehicles, street building and biodiesel manufacturing into your Minecraft World. There are various autos with completely different options to select from. However earlier than you can begin driving, you have to get began along with your fuel manufacturing. Primarily based on the actual biodiesel manufacturing, we created a system, which is an important issue of the mod. After having your automobile, street building is the following step: You might have numerous choices to design your personal streets and be inventive.



  • Single seater automobile (6 colours)
  • Two seater automobile (6 colours)
  • Truck (two seats,16 colours)
  • Truck with container (two seats,16 colours)
  • Single seater sports activities automobile (16 colours)
  • Vehicles have sounds
  • Vehicles could be broken and have a harm indication
  • Vehicles want gasoline to run
  • Vehicles should be turned on earlier than driving
  • Vehicles have speedometer and gasoline gauge
  • Vehicles could be locked
  • Vehicles have baggage area
  • Automobile horn
  • Completely different vehicles have completely different speeds and gasoline consumption
  • Vehicles are quicker on roads
  • Automobile workshop
  • Instruments for repairing
  • Automobile crafting
  • Many automobile elements for crafting


  • Completely different asphalt blocks for street building
  • 27 white street markings (strains and arrows)
  • 27 yellow street marking (strains and arrows)
  • Painter for markings
  • Crash barrier
  • Vehicles are quicker on asphalt roads

Gasoline (manufacturing)

  • Biodiesel
  • Gasoline station
  • Tanks
  • Biodiesel fabrication
  • Canola cultivation
  • Oil mill (rape cake as a byproduct)
  • Rape cake (for use as fodder)
  • Backmix reactor
  • Break up Tank (for decantation)
  • Methanol extraction by way of pyrolysis (charcoal as a byproduct)
  • Gasoline manufacturing wants power created by a generator
  • Generator
  • Generator wants gasoline to run
  • Old skool generator that wants no gasoline to run
  • Cables
  • Fluid pipes
  • Fluid extractors
  • Canister

Picket automobile (single seater): 1 Windshield, 1 Seat, 1 Management unit, 1 Chest, 1 3-cylinder engine, Four Automobile physique elements, 1 Automobile tank, 2 Axles. To be crafted within the automobile workshop. You should use any wooden shade for the automobile physique elements to outline the automobile shade. For one automobile, it needs to be the identical shade of physique elements.

Two completely different shade examples:

Picket automobile (two seats): 1 Windshield, 2 Seats, 1 Management unit, 1 Chest, 1 3-cylinder engine, 6 Automobile physique elements, 1 Automobile tank, 2 Axles. To be crafted within the automobile workshop. You should use any wooden shade for the automobile physique elements to outline the automobile shade. For one automobile, it needs to be the identical shade of physique elements.

Two completely different shade examples:

Transporter: 1 Windshield, 1 Seat, 1 Management unit, 2 Chests (or 1 chest and 1 container for a bigger stock – see decrease image), 1 3-cylinder engine, 6 Hardened clay blocks, Three Axles, 1 Automobile tank. To be crafted within the automobile workshop. You should use any of the 16 clay colours to outline the automobile shade. You can’t combine the colour for one automobile.

Sports activities automobile: 1 Windshield, 1 Seat, 1 Management unit, 1 Chest, 1 6-cylinder engine, Four Hardened clay blocks, 2 Axles, 1 Ttank. To be crafted within the automobile workshop. You should use any of the 16 clay colours to outline the automobile shade. You can’t combine the colour for one automobile.

Two completely different shade examples:

Windshield: 6 Glass panes

Automobile seat: Three Wool blocks(any shade), 5 Picket planks (any shade)

Automobile physique half: Four Logs(any shade) , 2 Planks (any shade). Logs and planks must be the identical shade/type/kind of wooden.

Automobile tank: eight Iron ingots, 1 Tank

Axle: 2 Wheels, 1 Iron stick

Wheel: 1 Iron ingot, Four BLACK wool blocks

Restore equipment: 6 Iron ingots, 1 Screwdriver, 1 Wrench, 1 Hammer

Screwdriver: 1 Iron ingot, 2 Iron sticks

Wrench: 2 Iron ingot, 2 Iron sticks

Hammer: Three Iron ingot, 2 Iron sticks


Painter: 2 White dye, 2 Sticks

Yellow painter: 2 Yellow dye, 2 Sticks

Crash limitations: eight Iron ingots

Asphalt: eight Cobblestones, 1 Black wool or 1 coal

Asphalt slope: 6 Asphalt

Higher asphalt slope (flat): Four Asphalt

Decrease asphalt slope (flat): Four Asphalt

Asphalt slab: Three Asphalt

First: Gasoline manufacturing

First, we have to acquire canola seeds. They are often obtained the identical method as regular seeds. Merely destroy grass.

You may domesticate and harvest canola the identical method as wheat.

Now we’d like an oil mill to provide canola oil out of the crops.

To function the mill we’d like power from a dynamo with a crank.

Later you need to use a generator, which is much extra environment friendly however requires gasoline and an engine to function.

To function the dynamo, place the crank on prime of the dynamo block and right-click it to provide electrical energy. Crank the crank.

You have to join the dynamo and the mill with a cable. Now we are able to produce canola oil. The mill will acquire the oil. You’ll get rape cake as a byproduct, which can be utilized as fodder for animals which additionally like wheat.

Second, we require methanol. You have to craft a blast furnace and put wooden logs into it. The furnace additionally wants power.

Now we have to combine each fluids within the backmix reactor. You may join the oil mill and the blast furnace with fluid pipes to the backmix reactor. Don’t forget to place fluid extractors on the mill and the furnace to get the fluids movement! The backmix reactor additionally must be related to the dynamo to work.

Subsequent, we’d like a break up tank. Now merely join the backmix reactor and the break up tank with fluid pipes and a fluid extractor. The break up tank doesn’t want electrical energy to work. Solely time!

By the way in which, you possibly can at all times retailer your fluids in tanks after each step. Don’t forget the fluid extractors and be sure you usually are not mixing up your fluids as it may well mess up your course of. To stop mixing of various fluids, you need to use filters in fluid extractors.

For filters, you must collect one bucket of the precise fluid. This will likely take some time. To use a filter, you possibly can place a bucket (stuffed with the precise fluid, you need to filter) within the slot of the fluid extractor (Proper-click the fluid extractor to see the slot).

The break up tank will output two completely different fluids. One is biodiesel, which we are able to acquire in a tank or instantly output to a gasoline station. The opposite is glycerin, which for now, is ineffective however needs to be collected in a tank to make the break up tank course of go on.

With sufficient gasoline produced, you possibly can craft a generator powered by biodiesel.

The generator is much extra environment friendly than the dynamo.

You may provide the generator instantly with biodiesel from a fluid pipe or by a canister.

To learn to function a canister, learn the Car Operation Handbook beneath.

Crucial data to not get pissed off.

  • As soon as once more: Don’t forget to place fluid extractors at blocks you need to pump from to get the fluids flowing!
  • One tank shops 16 buckets of fluid!
  • 16 buckets = 16000mb (millibuckets)
  • To get gasoline out of a tank with a bucket, the tank will need to have not less than ONE bucket (1000mb) of content material!
  • If you can’t see any fluids (in tanks), be reminded that for instance, 100mb = 1/10 Minecraft buckets! This isn’t a lot and may barely be seen
  • Oil mills, Blast furnaces and Backmix reactors do have an power storage
  • All machines do have an built-in fluid buffer storage
  • It’s endorsed to make use of fluid filters in gasoline extractors to forestall fluid blocking

Observe: You may join as many tanks as you would like by inserting them facet by facet. For those who break a tank with fluid, the tank will retailer the fluid!!!

Second: Automobile crafting

To craft a automobile we’d like one automobile workshop block and eight automobile workshop elements. Place the automobile workshop on one block on any floor. And the eight workshop elements round the primary block.

To make use of the workshop, right-click on it. Merely craft the automobile elements you want to your automobile and place them on the proper workshop slot.

You may select your automobile shade through the use of completely different colours for the automobile elements. For the wood vehicles, you need to use each wooden kind you want for the automobile physique half merchandise. You can’t combine colours. For the opposite autos, you need to use the 16 completely different hardened clay colours. If this can be a bit complicated, merely have a look at the automobile crafting recipes.

Within the workshop, you can also restore your automobile. It’s a must to craft the restore instruments and put them into place on the workshop restore web page. Bear in mind: Your automobile needs to be within the workshop space (prime floor) to get seen.

Essential data for automobile house owners.

Car Operation Handbook:

Whenever you spawn your automobile on the workshop, it would have 10% of gasoline. So you possibly can drive to the following gasoline station. You may also refuel your automobile by a canister.

To drive, you must flip in your engine first by urgent “R”!!!

By urgent “I” whereas sitting within the automobile the car-UI will open. Right here you possibly can examine your harm and gasoline degree. There will even be your harm indication and your automobile stock. You may also entry your automobile stock from the surface by shift-right-clicking it.

For transporters, the surface stock is a separate stock so you possibly can transport extra stuff.

The canister could be refuelled by shift-right-clicking a gasoline station. To refuel your automobile with a canister you additionally must shift-right-click the automobile with the canister.

If you’re run out of gasoline, you possibly can push your automobile by sneaking towards it.

For those who craft a automobile, you’ll get two keys which might be within the automobile stock.

You may duplicate your key by placing a key and an iron ingot right into a crafting desk. The brand new key might be a replica of your previous key.

You may restore your automobile within the automobile workshop or with a restore equipment. The restore equipment will restore 5% of injury. Bear in mind: In case your automobile has 95% of injury or extra, the automobile might be destroyed if a participant (that’s not in inventive mode) hits the automobile with greater than 2 harm factors. Just a few elements will drop.

Third: Street building

Craft and place asphalt as you want. With a painter or yellow painter, you may make avenue markings. And bear in mind, that there are additionally completely different asphalt slopes and slabs. The road security could be elevated by including crash limitations to the facet of roads.


Minecraft Forge

Redstone Flux API

Dynamic Lights Mod (Non-compulsory)

CraftTweaker Mod (Non-compulsory)

Methods to set up:

  • Ensure you have already put in Minecraft Forge and Redstone Flux API.
  • Find the minecraft utility folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, kind %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the prime menu bar. Open the folder Utility Assist and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you might have simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • Whenever you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button you need to now see the mod is put in.

Final Automobile Mod links:

Minecraft Ultimate Car Mod ALL Version DOWNLOAD


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