Minecraft VanillaFoodPantry Mod 1.15.2


Minecraft VanillaFoodPantry Mod 1.15.2/1.15.1/1.14.4 (More Recipes, Better Storage for Food) (VFP for brief) provides new makes use of for normal Minecraft crops and cattle. We’ve tried to offer many vanilla objects, even odd-ball ones like toxic potatoes, new food-related use and due to this fact a purpose so that you can hold it. A number of objects even work as alternate sources of brewing substances reminiscent of spidereye and magma cream. VFP additionally offers you extra methods to retailer commonplace meals and potions in bulk, as you may in a real-world prolonged pantry.


New Objects Sampling:

Sampling of various new meals

Goal Viewers:

The mod’s target market is anybody who performs Minecraft for its farms and meals crafting, significantly if you happen to play in peaceable or straightforward modes and will use alternate sources of expertise factors (Xp) in addition to mining. This mod permits you to acquire expertise factors from the act of constructing meals. If you happen to like crafting non-trivial meals recipes, this mod is for you. companion mod for VFP could be “Starvation In Peace” (1.8.9+); each add starvation to the peaceable survival mode, permitting you to farm, mine, and construct unmolested by murderous mobs.

Getting Began – Person Information:

It is best to learn the sections under to get an concept of how the mod is structured and the way the meals recipes are designed so you’ll be able to plan combine VFP along with your present assets and sport setup. Use the varied photos under together with an extension like JEI (MC1.8.9+) to get the total catalogue of recipes.

Components and Activators:

Components and activators are little helper or agent substances, you want for the principle meals recipes. Agent substances are not often edible however serve to make the varied recipes distinctive and non-conflicting with different meals mods. More often than not additionally they make the recipes a teensy bit extra real looking. You’ll need to determine farm for and craft the principle agent substances earlier than you’ll be able to full many of the mod’s different recipes. However except you’re simply beginning out, you in all probability have many of the required substances stashed someplace (examine these junk chests).
Under is a straightforward schematic of how the essential recipe pipeline works: you craft brokers(1) to be used in primary ingredient recipes(2). These primary substances are the principle constructing blocks for almost all of precise meals stuffs(3) you make to eat.

The essential VFP recipe pipeline

Flour and Dough:

Many of the baked items within the mod require flour or dough. Our flour is comprised of crafting wheat with some drying agent and our easy dough is comprised of crafting flour, leavening, and a bit o’ water. VFP will even work with every other meals mod’s flour and dough offered these objects are registered beneath the “foodFlour” and “foodDough” ids within the Forge registry. Many of the recipes utilizing dough or flour create uncooked or unbaked objects that you should smelt to get the ultimate edible product; that is intentional because it permits you to acquire Xp if you happen to smelt batches of ample dimension.

Our flour requires some wheat and drying agent

Our dough requires flour, leavening, and a bit o’ water.


Utilizing a bucket of milk as an alternative to a small quantity of milk in one thing like a bread recipe is odd. Furthermore, objects like steaks and pork-chops are a reasonably costly technique to make a single sandwich contemplating it’s a must to kill a cow or pig simply to get a pair items of it. VFP makes use of the thought of parts in lots of its recipes to mean you can mix inexpensive assets (like wheat and greens) with costlier ones (like something that requires clobbering animals) to make equal or extra nutritious meals than these objects standalone.

Liquids, Three sizes.

Meats and bones, 2 sizes

Meals Powders:

Meals powders are dehydrated parts of things like pumpkins, melons, and milk. Most meals powders derive from a single supply merchandise, however some are compound powders and a few are crafted from a number of supply objects. Meals powders are central to lots of the multi-flavored VFP meals like gelos, milk drinks, and cream soups the place you utilize a meals powder to create a “flavored” variant of a base recipe. There’s a meals powder for nearly each commonplace meals merchandise and meals powders for different objects for which VFP has launched a brand new food-related use. Some VFP sub-mods present many new compound powders known as “mixes” for much more recipes.

Bits O’ Warmth:

Plenty of the VFP recipes require you to smelt (or “cook dinner”) an raw model of the ultimate meals so you’ll be able to acquire Xp. Nonetheless, VFP additionally has many recipes which might be smelt-free the place you change raw objects to a ultimate cooked, edible merchandise straight on the crafting desk. So as to add a tiny dose of actuality that the substances for extra complicated recipes are cooked and never magically transformed, you will want so as to add a bit o’ warmth as an ingredient on the crafting desk. Just like the parts of water or milk, a bit o’ warmth is obtained from a bigger supply, on this case a bucket of lava or one other gasoline.

A bucket of lava offers you 64 bits o’ warmth.

Instance: utilizing a bit o’ warmth within the recipe for broth on a crafting desk.

Batch Crafting with Liquids:

The usual Minecraft milk bucket, water bucket, and water bottles are usually not stackable which makes them a pain-in-the-tuckus for crafting giant batches of any recipe that makes use of them. The vanilla “water bottle” isn’t even actually a water bottle — it’s water meant for brewing functions (a potion bottle) that meals mods have a tendency to make use of as a result of it’s available.

Painful. Make solely ONE gelo at a time utilizing a potion bottle.

VFP’s addresses the stacking situation in two methods: first, by utilizing parts like bit o’ water and bottles of milk, we keep away from this downside in lots of our recipes; second, we’ve included an precise bottle of water merchandise which you could drink from, stack in inventories, and use as a basis for flavored drinks like fizzy drinks and teas. To drive VFP recipes that want a bottle of water to just accept both kind of water bottle (if attainable), change the ‘allow_potionitem_as_plain_water’ configuration choice to TRUE.

Not painful. Make a stack of gelos directly if you happen to please!

Rock Salt and Natron (Sodium Bicarbonate)

VFP provides a few new “ores” to the usual Minecraft sport. The primary new ore known as rock salt and you utilize it to create refined salt to be used in meals preparation. You get rock salt crystals if you mine a rock salt block. Every crystal crafts to 6 giant refined salt parts which you utilize immediately in recipes for salted meats. Most different recipes use a fair smaller portion, a bit o’ salt, which you get from the bigger portion.

Refined salt is used to craft objects like salted pork (ham), salted cod, and taffy.

Two secondary ores, natron and trona, are additionally generated by VFP however in lesser portions to rock salt; from each you’ll be able to receive sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda) and from natron you get a variant of drying agent that you need to use for dehydrating giant quantities of cooked meats for storage.

Baking soda is used to craft objects like frying batter combine and carbonated water.

New Mob Drops

VFP provides some new animal drops to the usual Minecraft sport. The VFP animal drops will add to the common drops for the big farm mobs like pigs and cows, and can introduce one thing new for bats, squid, wolves, horses, llamas, and even polar bears. If you happen to can truly catch the little buggers, bats gives you bat meat, small bones, and even guano for fertilizing your crops (sure, bat poop) . Harvesting pigs gives you new meat objects in your pantry and you may allow meat drops from horses as properly.

Instance: pigs drop hocks and pigtails, calves drop abdomen lining and small bones.

Instance: horses drop meat and tears, bats drop meat and poop.

Merchandise Sorters for Mob Drops:

When you’ve got present farms for animals like chickens and pigs, with merchandise sorters already hooked up, you may must account for the brand new drops in your filters. For chickens it’s a must to account for small bones, for pigs lots of the new drops like pig tails and hocks.

Pantry Storage

Along with the brand new meals, VFP provides a number of new methods to increase how a lot meals you’ll be able to retailer in a small-footprint storage system (or only a few chests if that’s as complicated as you get). Our storage objects are usually not customized stock containers like chests or dispensers. As an alternative they rely completely on the identical craft-based mechanism as the usual Minecraft storage blocks with some new composite sorts that tackle the built-in dimension limits of the three×Three crafting grid.

First, VFP defines storage blocks for lots of the new objects that you just’re more likely to produce in giant batches, the easiest way to realize as a lot Xp as attainable. These storage blocks, known as pantry blocks, are designed as a simple and moveable retailer for meals substances and never as a cloth for constructing with despite the fact that you’ll be able to can place them like every other block. If you happen to break a pantry block by hand or with a instrument, it should shatter and drop its constituent objects. If you happen to attempt to push a pantry block with a piston, it should break and drop its objects.

Second, VFP permits you to craft jars, luggage, and cartons of normal meals objects. Every bag or jar is crafted from eight (8) of the merchandise you need to retailer. A carton is crafted from 6-Eight luggage or jars for a complete of not less than 48 of the unique merchandise per carton. There are predefined luggage and cartons for lots of the objects you’ll be able to accumulate in giant portions over time you probably have a farm or two; objects like carrots, potatoes, sugarcane, and eggs. There are luggage and cartons for the entire commonplace uncooked and cooked meats like hen, beef, and mutton. Jars are used for liquid objects like ink sacs from a squid farm. There are additionally luggage and cartons for bulk crafted vanilla meals objects like bread, pies, and cookies. We even have luggage and cartons for mob drops like bones and rotten flesh.

Participant Achievements and Expertise:

VFP defines its personal set of achievements so you’ve got extra incentive to strive crafting its entire vary of meals and pantry recipes. The ultimate set of achievements continues to be not outlined utterly, so that you’ll see some placeholders icons with the “eek” icon.

Whatever the ultimate rely and composition, all of our achievements originate with the one motion of making one of many principal VFP components objects. From there it’s only a matter of crafting, smelting, and brewing your technique to every new achievement.: Placeholder icon for upcoming or sub-module achievement.

Expertise Factors (XP):

If you craft lots of the VFP recipes, you’ll usually obtain Xp orbs along with the output merchandise. That is an addition to different methods in vanilla Minecraft to get Xp: smelting, mining, breeding-animals, and killing mobs. Observe that you’ll not get Xp each time you craft an merchandise, and also you’re extra more likely to obtain Xp for bigger batches of equivalent objects (shift-click to obtain the total batch directly). Lastly, objects you’re more likely to create usually like drying agent, provide you with much less Xp that objects made much less regularly.

Tremendous-Compatibility Mode:

VanillaFoodPantry provides plenty of new recipes to the sport. If you happen to play with many different meals mods, it’s doubtless that one among two of our primary recipes will overlap with one other mod and use the identical substances for various outcomes. If you happen to encounter this downside, you’ll be able to activate the “tremendous compatibility mode” possibility within the VFP configuration file which is generated the primary time you run Minecraft with VFP loaded. This selection tells VFP to make its required base recipes distinctive by utilizing not less than one mod-specific merchandise in them. We don’t activate this mode robotically as a result of it makes the recipes extra complicated and plenty of will not match on the participant’s moveable 2×2 crafting grid.

Instance: Crafting Bits o’ Water

Easiest recipe for 32 bits o’ water: a bucket of water (default).

The identical, in super-compatibility mode, requires a bit-measure.

Third-Get together Mod Assist and Mod-Packs:

VFP has supported these mods:

  • Up-sizer
  • Sensible Hoppers
  • Tremendous Blocks and Buckets
  • Pinkly Sheep
  • TNT Potatoes


Minecraft Forge

Carrots Library

Upsizer Mod (Advocate)

Easy methods to set up:

  • Be sure to have already put in Minecraft Forge.
  • Find the minecraft utility folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, kind %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the high menu bar. Open the folder Utility Assist and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you’ve got simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • If you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button it’s best to now see the mod is put in.

VanillaFoodPantry Mod Download Links:

Minecraft VanillaFoodPantry Mod All VersionDOWNLOAD


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