What are Minecraft Monsters?


What are Minecraft Monsters?

Hello all, dear readers. Today, we will examine all the monsters in Minecraft with you.

As you all know, monsters have various features, weak points, attack methods, attack forces, and souls.


Zombies are, as you know, the most basic monster of Minecraft. These zombies, with 20 health, have a highly variable attack force. It ranges from 2 to 9. They can attack only by contact, and Overworld cannot be born except for 0-7 Light Level. The exploding healing potion is its weakest point. You can use the exploding healing potion with peace of mind against zombies. When he kills, rotten drops the meat.


Perfect Hit! Yes, our turn is in the skeleton. Skeletons are monsters with 20 health, using an arrow-arc with an attack force ranging from 2 to 6. Overworld cannot be born except 0-7 light level. Lava, TNT and Exploding healing potion are their weakest points, and when they die, bow or arrow fall from them.


Spiders are among the biggest nightmares of most people in the real world. But I can’t say the same for Minecraft. Their lives are also low, 16. Attack forces are also very few, 2-3. The easiest way to defeat these spider-attacking spiders is through fighting above them. Overworld, these spiders that can be born at 0-7 Light Level also do not like cactus at the same time. You can use cactus against them. When he dies, the rope or spider drops the eye.


Boom! Next are Creepers. Their lives are normal, 20. However, the damage they cause is so much. It comes to you and explodes itself. Attack Force ranges from 49 to 97, depending on how close you are. Overworld, These creepers, born from 0-7 light level, do not burn or die even in the morning. For this reason, I suggest you make your Creeper prey pass. Cats and Leopards are their worst enemies. Have one with you or avoid them. They can protect you comfortably. Gunpowder falls from inside.


Slime is divided into three according to their size. Big, Middle and Small. The soul of the elder, 16; middle, 4; your little one is 1. Rather than the damage they caused, Seniors, 4; mids deal 2 damage. Small Slime cannot damage. These slime bouncing and damaging over you, Overworld, 0-8 Light level and Coordinate Y is born in less than 40 regions. Their biggest enemy is water. Yes, water! It destroys them quickly. Take out the Slime ball from them.


Witches are creatures with 26 lives. The attack forces vary depending on the elixir they throw at the player. Overworld, 0-6 light level and usually witch huts, where they are found there, taste the weapon. Potions .. Potions are the best way to attack them. There are gunpowder, spider’s eye or various potions.


No matter how harmless the Silverfish looks, it does a little harm. Their low health, 8. Attack forces 1, but their high hit rate and smallness make them stronger. Use lava or gravel against these silver fish found in castles in Overworld. Things don’t fall out of it.


Endermans keep teleporting. It is difficult to catch. The lives of these Endermans, which I suggest you shoot at their feet, are 40 and their attack force is 4-10. They come quickly to you and are usually found in the Last world and rarely in Overworld. Water overcomes them. They are most afraid of water. If you don’t want it to get on you, either wear a pumpkin on your head or don’t look into your eyes. When he dies, Ender drops the Pearl.


Coming to ghouls, it is a huge volume monster living in hell. Their health is 10, but it does 10-17 damage to you firing a fireball. I suggest you use your own weapon against ghouls. By right-clicking on the fireball, you will save yourself and do the biggest damage you can do to it. Gunpowder or ghoulish tears fall through it.

Magma Cube

Magma Cubes are very similar to slime. They are just stronger and live in hell. They have 3 different sizes, just like slime. Seniors; It has 16 health and 6 attack forces. Ortalar; It has 4 health and has 4 attack forces. The little ones; Has 1 hit and 3 attack forces. They hate water just like slime. Water destroys them. Magma cream falls out when he dies.


Alaz is the only monster capable of both contact and non-contact attack. These aliens, which are 20 alive and 3-9 assaulted, are found in hell and generally near the castle. You can use snow balls and water with peace of mind. When he dies, Alaz drops the stick.

Zombie Piggyman

In the philosophy of the Zombie Pigs, the snake that doesn’t touch me has a thousand lives. If you do not touch it, it will neither hit you nor kill you. However, if you touch them, they start using 20 HP and 5-13 attack forces. These zombie pigmen in hell are found in hell, where the Y coordinate is more than 2. Water finishes them. Gold nuggets, pieces of gold or golden swords may emerge from them.

Wither Skeleton

Wither skeletons have slightly different characteristics than monsters living in other hell. These wither skeletons with 20 lives and 4-10 attack forces can only be found in hell, 0-7 Light level. Loot and blow can attack against them with magical diamond swords. When he dies, the head of the wither skeleton or rarely the stone sword appears.


Wither! The monster with the most lives of the game. They have exactly 300 lives and 5-12 attack forces. They are not found naturally and can only be born if they create players. We cannot say that they liked the exploding potions very much. Use against them. Get a hell star out of them.

Ender Dragon

Rare dragons! The strongest monster in the game! They have 200 lives and have 6-15 attack forces. They sweep the floor to the floor. Unfortunately, these rare dragons that appear in their last world do not have weak points. When he dies, the game is over.

Yes guys, Minecraft‘s monster list is as you see above.
See you again soon.


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