What do Minecraft Pandas do?


What do Minecraft Pandas do?

Minecraft Pandas
Hello. Today I will introduce you the panda that came in version of Minecraft. We will proceed in question titles. Good forums.

What does it do?
Obviously, it does not have much function besides animals such as cows, sheep, rabbits and wolves. You only feed the pandas while making use of their meat, milk and wool. You can add a nice atmosphere to your home garden and get another pet.

Is it offensive?
They are silent and quiet creatures that do not get infected and do not hit. If you hit him once, he will give you a head and then he will not continue. But be aware that you cannot defend you like a wolf

How is Taming?
You take one bamboo in your hand and right click it. Then he sits down and eats the bamboo you give and starts to follow you.

Is it just Bamboo?
No, he doesn’t just eat bamboo, he eats cake.

What are the Additional Features?

They can show a sign of happiness, when they are happy, their face shape changes

Not only do you need to give the meals by right clicking, they can also eat when you throw them on the ground.
Not only Black and White but also different colors

It has the ability to hatch. If you leave and feed more than one panda, you will see those pandas hatching after a while.

When they die, bamboo falls
If they fall into the sea, they cannot swim, they stay there
Although it is not 100% exact, I realized that they store and eat bamboo as they get hungry. I don’t know how exact.
Pandas can somersault and lie on their backs. If you try to push the pandas a little and throw them down, you can see they roll over (2-3 blocks). If they’re not throwing, tame them and I’m talking about a distance, downwards and watch them follow you.

Types of Panda
Pandas are not all of the same species, they have different states, let me tell you about them.
Lazy Pandas: Lazy pandas lie on their backs, do not follow a player with bamboo in their hands and move very slowly.
Worried Pandas: They don’t eat bamboo or cake on their own. They are cautious against aggressive mobs.
Cheerful Pandas: They are the most cheerful species among pandas. They roll over and jump all the time. They love the game.
Aggressive Pandas: I may have shown pandas very punctual at the beginning of the topic, so sorry. Because our current panda is very angry and aggressive unlike others! Players or aggressive monsters don’t stop attacking them until they die. It may be a mistake for you to infect Panda friends. They move slowly but are very angry!
Weak Pandas: They are weak and weak, they can get sick right away. Their health is 10 instead of 20.
Brown Pandas: Yes, this is also a type of panda. Although it does not have a strange personal feature, its colors are Brown – White unlike other panda species.


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