Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition Mod 1.15.2


Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition Mod 1.15.2 (WR-CBE) Wi-fi Redstone Rooster Bones Version Mod 1.12.2 permits Redstone to be transmitted by a wi-fi state, by the “Redstone Ether” or “REther”. That is executed through Wi-fi Transmitters and Wi-fi Receivers.

In its easiest it is a mod that lets you transmit your redstone state wirelessly. Even for those who dont use redstone this mod may nonetheless be for you. Discovered an superior panorama you’d wish to mark, a cool cave to discover, or hold shedding your means from base to base? Ever wished that compass pointed someplace else or there was a solution to mark issues on a map. Nicely now there may be. With the wi-fi addons element of this mod you should utilize wi-fi alerts for navigation.

The alerts are synchronised in a dimension known as the Redstone Ether or REther. This dimension has no bodily type and purely shops alerts. It may be accessed by combining the Interdimensional properties of Obsidian, Glowstone and EnderPearls from the OverWorld, Nether and Ender with redstone to enter the RedstoneEther. There are 5000 completely different frequencies storing impartial state, title and color. Because of the dimensional nature of the REther alerts despatched within the nether will translate into the OverWorld and vice versa.


Crafting Recipes:

Wi-fi Transmitter

  • The Wi-fi Transmitter can ship redstone alerts to Wi-fi Receivers wirelessly. The frequency may be set by proper clicking on the block. The frequency might be displayed on the block itself additionally. It must also be famous that the frequency of zero is chosen by default. This frequency can’t be used for sign transmission.

Wi-fi Receiver

  • It permits to seize wi-fi transmission of a Redstone sign from a Wi-fi Transmitter. ‘Proper-click’ to entry its GUI to set the frequency that it’ll obtain. This frequency might be displayed on the merchandise. The default frequency is zero and non practical.

Wi-fi Jammer

  • A Wi-fi Jammer will emit an REP (Redstone Ether Pulse) roughly each 10 seconds. When powered by a Redstone sign the REP will cease.
  • Wi-fi Redstone units hit by the REP will cease working for ~30 seconds, together with Wi-fi Redstone which are held by gamers.
  • The bolt could also be used to sabotage alerts or be used as a type of protection. It harms mobs greater than gamers and can at all times try to focus on a mob in vary.

Wi-fi Map

  • The Wi-fi Map is a particular map added by Wi-fi Redstone ChickenBones Version with the flexibility to find units which are emitting a Wi-fi Redstone frequency. The emitters seem as pink dots on the map, until a Lumar has been assigned to the Frequency. Then the dot then reveals up with the colour of the Lumar. Remember that lava additionally seems as pink dots.

Wi-fi Distant

  • The Wi-fi Distant is an merchandise you’ll be able to maintain in your hand to manually ship a Redstone sign to the chosen frequency. Maintain Shift and right-click with the Wi-fi Distant in your hand to open a GUI for altering frequency.

Wi-fi Sniffer

  • The Wi-fi Sniffer is an merchandise added by the Wi-fi Redstone mod that “sniffs” for activated sign frequencies. When a Wi-fi Redstone frequency is activated, the dimmed out pink field assigned to that frequency lights up. You possibly can view that frequency quantity by mousing over the field. There are 5,000 frequencies obtainable.
  • This may be helpful for checking to see if a frequency is in use or not. One other technique of that is the Personal Sniffer, as it may reserve frequencies for the participant, and inform if the frequency is in use.

Personal Sniffer

  • The Personal Sniffer works equally to the Wi-fi Sniffer in the truth that it may see at present used wi-fi frequencies. It’s a direct improve to the performance of the Wi-fi Sniffer, because it has all the identical capabilities, however extra.
  • For instance, a similarity is it may see all 5,000 frequencies- the identical because the Wi-fi Sniffer. It additionally lights up the frequency’s field when the frequency is used, and retains is dimmed when the frequency shouldn’t be in use.
  • Additionally, of the 5,000 frequencies, the primary 1000 are labeled “Public” while you mouse over them and the subsequent 4,000 are labeled “Shared”. While you Proper or Left click on on a frequency sq. you toggle “Personal” mode. When the block is inexperienced, solely you’ll be able to set the Wi-fi Distant or Wi-fi Transmitter to the “Personal” frequency. You can’t set “Personal” mode on “Public” or “Personal” frequencies, however you’ll be able to on “Shared” frequencies.

Wi-fi Tracker

  • The Wi-fi Tracker is a particular merchandise that tracks mobs and gamers by working with the Triangulator and/or Wi-fi Map.
  • To make use of the Tracker, use Shift+RightClick to open up the frequency GUI and set a desired frequency, between 1 and 5000, and do the identical with the Triangulator. Ensure that you’ve the identical quantity set to each the Tracker and the Triangulator, or it gained’t work. After getting a frequency set, choose the Tracker, level on the desired goal, and use Proper Click on to throw the Tracker. The Tracker will stick with the mob and the Triangulator will act as a compass and level to it. The tracker has infinite vary so long as the chunk is loaded. When you’ve made a Wi-fi Map for the world, the Tracker will seem as a pink dot on the map to symbolize its location.
  • Remember that the map additionally reveals different wi-fi units. To bypass a number of wi-fi units on the map, use the Triangulator to seek out the route the Tracker is in after which use the map to seek out its location. The one methods to take away a Wi-fi Tracker is to burn it off a participant with both hearth or lava, to kill them. or generally, get it off with a sticky piston.

Wi-fi Transceiver

  • The Wi-fi Transceiver is a crafting merchandise used to make the Wi-fi Transmitter in addition to different wi-fi redstone objects. It has no use by itself.


  • The Triangulator is basically a wi-fi compass. It’s going to level to the closest object transmitting on the identical frequency. The frequency change GUI is opened by right-clicking whereas sneaking. If there aren’t any lively transmitters on this dimension or you’re utilizing a distant on the similar time the triangulator wont know the place to level. The triangulator doesn’t really level to the closest transmitter, slightly it provides all transmitters on the frequency based mostly on their distance to the participant within the ratio of 1/d. Subsequently, when you’ve got three transmitters 20 blocks East and 1 transmitter 10 blocks West, it is going to level East. So, if you need to confuse somebody utilizing a transmitter to mark their means dwelling put 5 someplace close by.

Redstone Ether Pulse (REP)

  • The REP is a wi-fi redstone EMP (electromagnetic pulse). It’s going to jam wi-fi units within the detonation radius. To activate the REP it must be thrown by a participant by right-clicking whereas holding the REP. The REP detonates when it hits a block (equivalent to a constructing wall or the bottom), though it may be detonated early by proper clicking once more. A REP can solely be thrown each 2 seconds. When throwing the REP it’s potential to break each your self or gamers.


Minecraft Forge



Forge Multipart

How you can set up:

  • Be sure to have already put in Minecraft Forge, CodeChickenCore, Forge Multipart and CodeChickenLib.
  • Find the minecraft utility folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, sort %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the prime menu bar. Open the folder Utility Help and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you’ve simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • While you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button it’s best to now see the mod is put in.

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