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XNet Mod 1.16.2/1.16.1/1.15.2/1.15.1/1.14.4 (An Efficient and Scalable Networking) XNet – Mods – Minecraft – CurseForge provides a single kind of cable: a networking cable. Utilizing networking cables you may immediately transport objects, fluids, vitality, and data. The principle focus of this mod is effectivity and adaptability. Effectivity in that it’s potential to make enormous cable networks (examined with two chests seperated by a cable of 12000 blocks lengthy) with no lag. The cables themselves aren’t even tile entities. Flexibility in that the controller permits for actually versatile configuration for distributing data.

XNet is an merchandise, fluid, vitality, and data transportation mod that’s all about effectivity. The cable system is designed in such manner that it’s best to be capable to make enormous cable methods with none overhead. Cables (for instance) aren’t tile entities and have very merely fashions. This makes transporting objects accross a cable of 12000 blocks lengthy simply as environment friendly as doing it on a 5 block lengthy cable.



On the core of this mod is a community. A community is principally a single part of related cables related (by way of connectors) to numerous blocks (chests, machines, …) and one controller. The controller is the block that does the precise work for that community.


Each community can have eight channels most. Each channel has a kind (vitality, merchandise, fluid, logic, …) you could configure within the controller. Relying on the kind of a channel and the machines which can be related to that channel varied issues can occur.


You utilize connectors to attach machines to your community. Via that connector varied channels (even with differing types) can do their factor. Regular connectors solely enable entry by means of the aspect from which you might be putting the connector. i.e. for a vanilla furnace that might imply that with a traditional connector you may solely get the melted end result by putting a connector on the backside of the furnace. Utilizing superior connectors you may overcome that limitation and entry the down aspect of a furnace from another aspect. Superior connectors produce other benefits. They permit increased speeds for merchandise and fluid switch (10 ticks minimal per operation versus 20) and may retailer extra RF (which implies they will additionally switch extra RF).

One warning: a sophisticated vitality connector can nonetheless not extract vitality from one other aspect. The explanation for that is that it’s truly the generator/producer itself that pushes vitality and it’ll not try this by means of that different aspect. Insertion of vitality to a different aspect does work nevertheless.

Cables and Colours

Cables (and connectors) can have 4 completely different colours. These are used to have the ability to distinguish a number of distinct networks adjoining to every others (to stop the cables from connecting). A controller will adapt its coloration to the primary coloured cable it may discover round it after which keep in mind that (except that coloration is completely eliminated).

Logic Channel

The logic channel is particular. First one has to know that each community has seven colours (don’t confuse these with cable colours) which is both enabled or disabled. By default all colours are disabled. Each connector (within the controller GUI) may be configured to be energetic solely when a quantity (as much as 4) colours are energetic. Utilizing a logic channel and sensors you may (primarily based on varied circumstances) allow colours. For instance, you may have one sensor detecting how a lot RF is left in a machine. And if that quantity goes under 1000 allow ‘purple’. Then one other sensor can detect if there may be sufficient coal in a chest and if true allow ‘inexperienced’. Then you may have an merchandise channel transporting coal to a coal generator however solely when each ‘purple’ and ‘inexperienced’ are enabled. So which means: solely allow the coal generator is energy is low and there may be sufficient coal. Sensors themselves will also be enabled/disabled primarily based on colours.

Routing Community

If you wish to transcend the eight channel restrict otherwise you wish to join a number of distinct networks you may make a ‘routing community’ utilizing routers. A single router is already enough to attach as much as six (six sides of the router) channels however utilizing routing cables and routing connectors you may also make a routing community out of routers. Be aware that on a single routing community you may solely have 32 revealed channels.

Named Channel

Contained in the GUI of the controller you may give a channel a reputation. This title isn’t used anyplace besides with the router that’s immediately connected to this community although a connector. Solely channels which have a reputation can be seen domestically within the routing GUI.

Revealed Channel

Each named channel may be revealed on a routing community (or with a router). This needs to be carried out within the routing GUI by giving it a broadcast title. The revealed title is the title with which that channel can be recognized on the routing community. Be aware that varieties are additionally thought of. You have got a a broadcast channel referred to as ‘foo’ for objects and one other revealed channel referred to as ‘foo’ for fluids on the identical community however they won’t work together and solely depend as one channel for the channel restrict.

Merchandise and Fluid Switch

One factor to notice is that merchandise and fluid switch is all the time rapid. There are by no means objects or fluids ‘inside’ the community. If there isn’t a room for objects or fluids to go too in a community then they won’t go away their vacation spot.

Energy Switch

Energy switch works otherwise. Since RF and Forge Vitality are ‘push’ methods (i.e. a powercell or generator pushes vitality to adjoining machines) the connector must have an inside RF storage. The superior connector can retailer extra then the traditional connector which implies it may additionally switch extra. When you’ve an vitality channel distributing vitality to numerous machines then the ability first has to go to the connector (pushed by the generator) after which it may be transfered to all machines that want it.

Energy Utilization

The controller wants energy to do that. There are principally three energy consumption areas:

  • Fixed powerdrain: that is by default set to 0
  • Fixed powerdrain per energetic channel: that is by default set to 1
  • Powerdrain per operation: that is by default set to 2

The aim of this setup is to ensure the highest chest all the time comprises at the least one furnace. That’s the one factor this does. As quickly as you pull out that furnace it’ll begin producing one other one. To do that a crafter is used which is fed from that very same chest (it comprises cobble). The crafter additionally wants vitality (and so does the controller). The left chest comprises coal which is for the coal generator. The system makes certain that no coal is wasted. It is going to solely insert coal if that is wanted. The vitality buffers of the crafter and controller are additionally not stuffed fully.

On this connector we merely extract no matter vitality there may be from the coal generator. That is then distributed to the controller and the crafter. In these connectors we additionally set a most (which isn’t clearly seen as a result of the enter ingredient for optimum is simply too small on this model) in order that the ability isn’t needlessly wastedz

To supply vitality the coal generator wants coal. Let’s see how that is dealt with. First we extract the coal from the chest. We solely do that if each ‘purple’ and ‘inexperienced’ are enabled. We’ll see when these are enabled later on this tutorial however principally they’re enabled solely once we don’t have sufficient energy and when there may be sufficient coal:

And right here we insert the coal:

We now have a logic channel which measures when it’s time to begin producing vitality and it additionally senses if we now have a furnace within the chest. First there may be the sensor to verify if we’d like vitality and if there may be sufficient coal:

The opposite sensor works on the blue channel and is enabled if we now have much less then 2 furnaces within the chest:

Channel Four will transfer cobblestone from the chest to the crafter so long as blue is enabled. Blue can be disabled as quickly because the crafter makes a furnace:

Channel 5 is easy and simply strikes the created furnace from the crafter again into the chest.

Routing Tutorial:

This isn’t a completed tutorial but however right here is feasible setup:

First there are three native networks every restricted to eight channels (for objects, vitality, fluid, logic). There’s the inexperienced, the purple, and the yellow channel. The inexperienced and the purple channels are related to router A. So they’re native to that router. The truth is one router is sufficient to join completely different channels. You may publish channels from the purple and inexperienced networks and join them with one another. Nevertheless there may be additionally a yellow community related to router B. That’s a distant community from the attitude of router A. To make channels accessible to different controllers it’s essential to publish them (give them a broadcast title) within the router that they’re related too. Moreover the channel should even have a reputation within the controller.


Minecraft Forge



RFTools Base Mod (For Minecraft 1.14.Four and newer)

Learn how to set up:

  • Be sure you have already put in Minecraft Forge, RFTools Base Mod, McJtyLib and CompatLayer.
  • Find the minecraft software folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, kind %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the high menu bar. Open the folder Utility Assist and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you’ve simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • Once you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button it’s best to now see the mod is put in.

XNet Mod Download Links:

Minecraft For XNet Mod- DOWNLOAD


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